The Reality Behind The Dark Night Of The Soul

It's been a while since my last 'Dark Night of the Soul' and I wrote about it on my other blog where you can read it so I won't repeat myself;  I write now more in hindsight and in reflection because it's still very much misunderstood. Without having to repeat myself too much it's …

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Interpretations And Their Purpose

Being a Sensitive or Psychic isn’t a science, therefore, nothing is concrete, and because of this people tend dismiss predictions as coincidences and those who warn as charlatans. It’s for that reason that I have never charged for any advice or guidance, and so people can’t claim I am out to make money or rip …

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Politics And Karmic Consequences

Politics can be a taboo word in many circles and has the power to destroy friendships and cause rifts in families, but one cannot escape it for it defines the guidelines for which humans must exist on the physical plane. One can try to ignore it, or have as little to do with it as …

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