Why You Can’t Figure Everything Out

Some expect spiritual folks to have all the answers, and there are some that think they have them, especially ones that channel through guides. One thing I have always known since childhood is that we cannot know or figure out the reasons for everything for certain. Even Old or Ancient Souls don’t have all the …

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Do Spiritual Mistakes Exist?

A mistake by definition is something that can be prevented, so theoretically yes, spiritual mistakes can occur. Souls all have choices, and Spirits, Guides, and The Powers That Be all can make choices—whether to help or to stand back. Many people debate the concept of choices and free will, but there is no such thing …

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Life Is A Series Of Experiences, Mistakes, And Challenges

“What is life?” That’s one of the questions that has puzzled humanity for centuries, and one that many philosophers have sought to answer. However, I don’t think there is a definitive answer because people will always have their own preconceptions, and expectations based on their culture, environment and upbringing. Life for someone brought up in …

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