The Power Of The Soul

First of all, one must answer the question, "What is power?" for the answer to that will determine how powerful your Soul is. Each Soul has the capacity for power; That is the power to choose their path. The power to know right from wrong. The power to see the truth whether it's good or …

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Five Qualities Of A True Spiritual Soul

With so many definitions of what is Spiritual, I was encouraged to write this piece in response to what I had witnessed on my personal Facebook page. There are different types of Spiritual Souls, (religious, those who favor self-help mantras, and others that learn through their own experiences), but all regardless should have several traits …

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Karma: Why There Are No Rules

There are those who don’t believe in Karma because they either don’t understand the concept or are afraid of it. Either way, you can’t escape, manipulate, or trick Karma, as it exists in a natural state. Karma is enacted with every thought or action each of us experiences. Adverse Karma appears when someone deliberately causes …

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