A short glossary of some of the terms I use. I will add to the list as and when needed, or if something is requested.

Akashic RecordsWhere the memories, thoughts, and actions of all Souls are stored in a hall in the Spirit Realm.

Angel – Spiritual beings that guide and assist. Some maybe specific to a Soul, but many watch over multiple Souls. They may send messages and step in when guides struggle to communicate.

Déjà VuA recollection of a familiar event that has been seen or may have happened in a prior life.

Frequency – Each Spiritual plane has a different frequency like a channel on the radio. Those with access to higher frequencies may get clearer and direct messages.

GuidesThere are earth and spiritual guides that watch over and send messages to aid a Soul on its path. They also communicate with the Higher Self.

Higher SelfThe part of the Soul that remains in the Spirit Realm in whichever dimension it resides in. Older Souls will be in higher dimensions, and can access higher frequencies.

IncarnationWhen a Soul takes on a human body and returns to earth.

Intuition – When the a guide or the Higher Self sends a feeling or message to warn or guide.

KarmaAdverse and beneficial karma are produced depending on the choice of acts and thoughts the Soul pursues.

Lightworker – A term for those who aid others spiritually through healing or guiding.

Past Life Regression – When a Soul looks back into a prior life to help remove blockages, usually with the aid of a Sensitive or a Shaman.

ReincarnationA term meaning that Souls will return and incarnate and have their past lives erased during an incarnation.

Sensitives – A collective names for psychics, empaths, mediums, healers and those who are sensitive to spiritual vibrations and have senses outside the physical realm.

Signs and Symbols —  These can come from Spirits to remind you of something or to guide you, for example repeating numbers, maybe a song that has a message, the smell of something, or a familiar place name that can trigger a memory or mean something to you.

SoulThe eternal essence of each being that is intangible and made of light.

Soul Age – A Soul has several stages from a young to an old stage. Once certain goals have been achieved, it will progress to the next stage or phase.

Soul Group – Souls that are bonded, connected or linked through multiple incarnations to help one another achieve goals.

Spirit – Resides within the Soul and is the force that enables the Soul to learn.

Spiritual Dimension or Plane – In the Spiritual Realm there are several dimensions or planes with different frequencies where Souls reside according to their Soul age and purpose.

Spirit Realm – Where Souls that choose not to incarnate reside. Here is the home of all other spiritual beings, from angels, guides and Ascended Masters.

Transition – A term to describe when the Soul leaves the physical realm (physical death) and transitions to the Spirit Realm.


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