Deciphering and Acknowledging Signs and Symbols

Sometimes we can get obsessed with signs and look for them or even try and tailor them to what we want to believe. But why do we have signs and symbols? Often they are to guide us or to encourage us when we are on a path and want to give up, but can we ignore them? Like many people, I have looked up signs and symbols and what they mean, but more often than not they are a little like horoscopes and are vague at best. However, we should acknowledge them even if we choose not to follow the guidance offered.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve had visions with symbols and I actually tried to disregard them because you can rack your brains trying to figure out what they mean. The thing is, each symbol is personal to you and what is happening in your life at present, or what will happen. This morning I had a vision where I was trying to make up a box of eggs from a fridge packed with trays of hundreds of eggs, and I had to sift through cracked or broken ones, but what did it mean? I actually knew what it meant, and perhaps Spirit was reminding me that we can’t save everyone, nor is it our job as a Guide. After a while, I thought about it and wondered why they are telling me things that I already know—just because I don’t like the position, doesn’t mean that I won’t accept it. Often in life we must accept things that we don’t approve of, and I have become adept at doing that but it doesn’t stop me having my own opinions on matters.

A Guide’s role is not to ‘save’ their charge or others, but to guide them and sometimes that may mean they will ‘fall’ in order to learn a much needed Soul Lesson. That isn’t what many spiritual texts say because most believe that every Soul can be saved from any situation, and that is not true. Trust me, it gets easier to accept after a while, and this notion of always ‘winning’ and being successful and positive isn’t what spirituality is actually about. There is hardcore learning involved in order to ‘evolve’.

What might be seen as a negative outcome may well be the positive lesson that was sought, and later on down the line it will be apparent. For example, someone is caught taking drugs and part of the punishment included a spell in a rehabilitation centre. Their friend who they took drugs with didn’t get caught, but a year later they died from an overdose, so getting caught saved their life and they were able to use that experience to help others later on. We do not always see the reasons for a lesson or an incident in life until much later on, and when we are in a place to understand and appreciate the lesson. I can imagine if you knew beforehand there would be resentment and also anger which would negate the point of the lesson.

So what do we do when we receive a message with symbols and signs? They are sent as advice that we can choose to take or not. In my case I was already aware of the situation, and if anything it reaffirmed what I need to do for the greater good. As I continue on my spiritual path, less fazes me in a way that some would consider ruthless. What we must remember is that each Soul is responsible for their own choices and outcomes. The broken eggs or cracked eggs denoted souls who have made poor choices and who must accept the consequences of their actions. I cannot undo their errors and choices, therefore, I cannot save them or protect them, and I was reminded that it was not my job either. This is my interpretation applicable to a situation I currently face, and while I considered the fallout of the situation, the symbols reminded me that my focus should be on achieving justice (the primary goal), and in order for that to happen, others who have buried their skeletons (or thought they had) can no longer hide. Adverse Karma never disappears, for it always needs to be balanced eventually.

Perhaps Spirit is urging me not to hesitate, and even though I wasn’t, but a friend I discussed the situation with was trying to talk me down from acting? Another interpretation is that the signs were a thumbs up for the avenue I am considering taking. Intuition is key, and although at times I like to discuss issues with others for their input, often it is counterproductive because they fail to see or consider elements outside of what is put in front of them. Perhaps Spirit was afraid the friend would persuade me otherwise, but they should know me better than that for I listen, but go with gut instinct and am rarely dissuaded especially with flawed arguments.

There is the notion that spirituality is all about the positive and and achieving, but those are the things we see on the surface and not deep down or after a period of time. People expect to see spiritual results and get impatient, but often we can’t see or feel the ‘results’ until much later on. I know that, but here on the physical plane where time rules, society demands and expects instant results. That simply isn’t practical when you are dealing with Soul Lessons that are eternal.

Some may envy me having/receiving symbols and signs in a vision—let me tell you now that it is exhausting. Besides not much sleep, after the vision where you are fully immersed in it, you wake up tired and as much as you want to rest, you can’t. That may well be dimensional travel on a psychic level, and that is why during the vision you have no control even if you want to get up you can’t, and why you are physically and mentally exhausted afterwards.

Signs and symbols don’t have to repeat themselves either as some texts say, and many of my visions have been one-offs so I had to remember them there and then and figure out what they were trying to say. I initially assumed I had a new overprotective Guide for what may well be another phase I am embarking upon, but I noticed some similarities with an old Guide that I have been asking to return for a number of years. It would be quite wonderful for them to return for they have a unique style—it is direct, but this time it is very protective. At first I was a little annoyed, for why tell me something I already know, but after considering the visions and the pattern, I can see that it was done because they cared. Guides (even myself) can always get a little overprotective at times, and now I have experienced it myself. I recently visited a place that my Guide used to frequent, and I do hope that they saw that as I made a pact to walk in their steps one last time for them.

While spiritual advice is always appreciated, it doesn’t mean we must accept it for paths change all the time. However, we should still acknowledge the signs and symbols sent our way, and recognise that they are sent for a reason. There are all kinds of signs and symbols, and some are superstitions. I don’t buy into the latter, but we don’t have to question the meaning of every white feather, or butterfly we see, only when they arrive in unusual circumstances. We should then apply it to our own circumstances and only you will know if the advice is useful or not. Intuition is important, and people should not become slaves to spirituality and rely on it to make difficult decisions. As for the return of my Guide, while I am pleased they appear to have returned, it also means that they are here to help me through some rough waters that I am not particularly looking forward to. That doesn’t mean I am afraid (more that I am resigned to the fact) and I accepted this situation many years ago and the potential outcomes.


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