Rejecting Help From The Fixed Price Menu

Learning to recognize and to accept help is a tough lesson. Now that may seem strange to some, as there are some Souls who readily accept help and who always ask for it. I had a friend who was like this who never bothered to try and do things, and was always seeking those who would help instead. It always perplexed me, as I wondered why they didn’t at least try before asking for help. On the other hand, there are those who are too proud to accept help, or their pride gets in the way of realizing help is being offered to them.

In the past, charges that have crossed my path have varied from those who were on the verge of taking their own life, to those who were unwilling to accept that they needed to change their circumstances in order to survive. What many had in common was a desire for someone to come along to fix it all – help, so to speak, but on their terms. Asking upstairs for help doesn’t go unnoticed, but as I have stated before, you get the help you need and not the help you desire or think you need or want. Many also felt ‘hard done by’, as they asked why were they suffering when they hadn’t done anything wrong – why were the baddies getting away with things? Some have even asked, ‘Why doesn’t someone help me?’ and they don’t even realize (until later) that’s why I am there.

Help comes in a variety of ways besides a Guide like myself, or it can come as an opportunity, or as the result of an event. Often the kind of spiritual help offered is so subtle that most would not notice it, and that’s for obvious reasons. However, because of this, and Souls not being able to recognize the help being offered, they usually dismiss it or reject it. As a Guide, how do you reconcile this when a charge rejects the help being offered for they have the free will to accept it or to ignore it? Other forms of help may come along, but in my experience when a Soul rejects help or makes excuses not to follow a path that has opened up to help them it leads to a standstill, for the Spiritual Dimension offers aid in the form of a two course fixed price menu, and not an à la carte menu, or create your own pizza. Basically, if you don’t like the options on the fixed price menu then you’ll get nothing more. You cannot dictate the type of help you seek, and part of the lesson is to learn to accept help in a form that you may not realize.

What happens if the charge rejects the help on offer? You can try and explain why the option on the table could help, and if they reject it because there is no guarantee of the outcome, again that is another lesson they must learn beside asking for help. If they reject help because the outcome is feared, or they see it as pointless, then that is another lesson they must learn. Naturally, it can be frustrating when they reject the offer of help (though they may not see it as that), but it is their choice to make.

Most will hope some other kind of help will show up, but it doesn’t work like that, and if a charge refuses to accept the help offered, then a tough spiritual nudge sometimes occurs. What does that entail? Basically, it gives the charge no choice but to pursue the help offered, or to continue to learn their lesson the long hard way. More obstacles will appear, and bodily ailments may surface to force them to see what is important and necessary. Those may extend to family and friends too, because they are part of the Soul Group, and what one chooses to do or not to do can affect the entire group.

Sometimes a charge makes excuses to ignore the help offered up on the table. I’ve been there myself, saying that ‘I’m too busy’, or that you think you’ll cope, or think that things aren’t that bad. We do what we can to avoid doing what we don’t want to do! However, when one fails to help themselves when help is proffered on a platter and they continue to whine and ask for help when it is staring them in the face, then that Soul will face more obstacles until they accept help. Perhaps a new Guide will be introduced because if the Soul is not freely willing to accept help, or help themselves, then they are not learning their desired lesson.

Life is part of the Soul Expedition, and when you are on such a journey at times you must accept the help that is offered to you. Take for example you are travelling, and you need to decide where to sleep for the night. You stop at a small village that has no hotels, but the local shopkeeper offers you a bed for the night. It’s basic and you were hoping for more, so what do you do? Reject the offer and carry on walking hoping you’ll find better accommodation in the next village, and risk finding nowhere and wandering around in the dark?

There are always alternative paths to choose from, but they are limited and not extensive. The easiest looking path is not always the ideal one or the best one – remember, looks can be deceptive. When a Soul rejects help because it’s not what they consider ‘help’, then it appears that they have additional lessons to learn. Accepting help is not a failure or weakness, because we all need help sometimes. Pride literally can lead to a fall, but even if you fall, you will have learned not to be so proud, and that help is around if you are willing to acknowledge you need it.


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