The Struggles and Conflicts When Guiding

Life isn’t fair – it never has been, and never will be because what does fair really mean? For each of us it has a different meaning, but we yell out, ‘It’s not fair,’ when we have lost control, when things don’t go our way, or we are tired of battling for what we want whether that is justified or not. Then again, we should look at what is considered ‘justified’ too!

As a Guide, I too learn from those who I help when they cross my path and I have said before that this task comes with a set of conflicts that can only be addressed when they arise. Each conflict comes with options on how to deal with them, because what I need to remember is that this is a lesson for that Soul and not necessarily me, so if they fail in the task that is because they were unwilling or not ready to learn. My role is to give them the tools they need to achieve and learn, but I have to stop when they aren’t doing their part or learning from the experience.

For example, if I suggest a course of action and the charge moans and groans about doing it, then have they learned? Not really, as they failed to understand why they had to do it so the lesson wasn’t learned. If you then suggest something and they question it or ignore it, then what do you do? Say for example you are teaching someone to build a house and they refuse to wear a hat because they don’t understand why they need a hat, or when you suggest mixing the concrete and they refuse to do it and it ends up being a mess and they have to start again. Then something falls on their head, so they understand why they need to wear a hat, and they begin to listen to advice. However, damage has been done – an injured head, a ruined wall that isn’t safe, but those are parts of the lesson.

Then there are those who choose the easy path – pay it off to make it go away, or pay someone off so they stay silent. In the long run, neither works if you choose not to face the lessons that you chose for they will return in another form. It can be hard to stand back and see charges struggle, and I have had to accept that some may fail in their task because they failed to learn from the lesson. Sometimes it’s not about a complete win, but it’s about how you got there that is the crucial lesson. A charge may be successful in their outcome, but failed to learn the lesson by cutting corners – which is more important, the win or what you learnt from the experience?

The conflicts I face are wishing to do more than I ought to when I guide others, who then depend too much on me. I have to step back, because I will have exceeded my remit and my ‘punishment’ will be my own obstacles to remind me that I must let others learn their lessons, and if they fall I can be there to help pick them up, but not to cushion the blow. We learn more when we fall, yet no one wishes to see others fall but that is a fact of life, learning, and evolving.

How do I deal with my conflicts? I know some of my charges are vulnerable (hence needing help), and I have to be sensitive to their pace of learning and their Soul Stage too. Young Souls will also be a handful, and Mature Souls that are on the brink of evolving often find it too much and wish to pause or go back a stage. Sometimes, I have to let them find their own way – yet I am eager for them to succeed, or in the case of justice, for them to find it. That doesn’t always happen, for on the physical plane it is not what we know, but what we can prove that matters. I have to accept that, and if I fight their battles, then they have not fully learned the lessons that I was tasked with helping them with. This is why the Soul Dimension and the physical plane can be at odds with one another – humanity and spirituality can blend together in some circumstances and not in others.

It’s like a parent doing their child’s homework so they can get the best grade – the child has not learnt, and as a Guide I would be helping my charge to cheat. I can give them the tools, guidance, and mentoring, but I can’t do it for them as much as I would like to. That is a conflict a Guide will always face, and there is an amount of ruthlessness (that’s what it seems like) when I refuse to help or stop helping, when it’s actually for their own good, and to help them but they can’t see that as yet. A Guide is like a lighthouse beam, that guides the way to safety, but the Soul must see the light and acknowledge it before it can be guided.

A Guide must remember that the outcome while important, is not as important as the charges learning their lessons. Often those lines can get blurred when justice is being sought, or a favourable outcome is desired, but it is the journey that matters more – from a spiritual aspect of course.

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