When an Old Soul Crosses Your Path

I had a most unexpected pleasure when an Old Soul crossed my path, and it was quite by chance. I called a friend, who had a house guest at the time, and the phone was on speaker as they chipped in on our conversation. We ended up chatting as my friend went off to make a cup of tea – an hour or so later, we were still discussing the world at large, and felt comfortable enough to admit to our predilections, and pet hates. It goes without saying that one should never put a knife that has been used to spread butter inside a Marmite jar –why would anyone contaminate the Marmite? My friend chuckled, as she had teased me about my pristine Marmite jar lid, but I am not alone in expecting the lid of a Marmite jar to be always be gunk free.

We agreed on many things (especially in terms of justice) and we sighed at the regressive plight of humanity, with us all discussing our plans to seek a hermitage when funds allow. What struck me is that they had so much to give, yet yearned to withdraw from society at the same time. To some, they won’t be able to reconcile this, but Old Souls are bound by duty, and they cannot escape it and are often unaware of this until it is triggered by external events. Their thirst for order, fairness, and justice is what keeps them ticking, and fighting for those who are unable to defend themselves. This is the misconception many people have, for one doesn’t have to be an introvert to yearn to be alone and to have space. I’ve always liked my own company, even when I was at kindergarten because it’s better to have your own company that you can control than to spend time with people that you don’t like. That’s a concept I struggle to understand, for why would one wish to waste their time and energy on people they don’t like if they had the choice?

It was quite refreshing to speak to someone who shared similar views, and who spoke with an honest conviction that is a rarity these days. When we do engage with others on our own wavelength, it can inspire us to do more, or acts as reminder to carry on doing things that we had lost sight of. We all need our passions to be reignited at times, and to hear others to give words of encouragement and support.

In this era of Covid-19, it’s disconcerting to see humanity acting selfishly when people object to lockdowns when positive cases are on the increase. There are times when we must do things that we prefer not to do for the greater good, and for others. We can’t control the actions of all the people around us, but if you are able to protect yourself from them via a vaccination, then that is a sensible option. While Old Souls do tend to isolate themselves (mentally and physically), they are also aware that they do need to interact with humanity, but this is on their own terms. My own personal space and time is sacred to me, even when I wish to sit and ponder on life, and distractions and interruptions are irritating to say the least. With the digital age, it is much harder to explain to people that I won’t text or message on demand, or reply to emails as soon as they are in the inbox. Unfortunately that doesn’t fit in with the lifestyle of the working world, so separating work and personal issues is crucial, and to create your own boundaries.

Old Souls do struggle at times with people that can’t see or understand rational sense, and it is frustrating which is why many seek solitary solace. How does one hide or deal with that frustration? There is no easy answer, for we all must endure or cope without letting it get us down, nor does one wish to sound arrogant either for we must also accept that everyone learns their lessons in life in different ways. It is human and normal to make mistakes, and there is no shame in saying you don’t understand something because we have all had to learn everything that we know at some stage in our lives.

What the crossing of paths taught me is that we can be inspired by others through an exchange of ideas, and that life isn’t a competition, nor is there a perfect way to do things either. Guidelines and laws exist to help humanity to evolve, but when those boundaries get blurred or when the masses ignore them and unofficially rewrite the guidelines to suit themselves, how does an Old Soul who prefers a just and orderly life function? We do what we can to encourage justice and fairness in a society that has become fixated on entitlement, greed, and selfishness. I, like others accept this as a reality of how humanity has devolved, but that doesn’t mean that I will stop fighting for what is right, and do what I can to maintain the equilibrium of good and evil in the world. The baddies often think they can get away with things, but eventually good will always overcome evil – Karma is eternal after all.

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