How The Actions Of Others Create Unanticipated Path Diversions

Too often, when we think we know what direction we are headed in things can change suddenly without explanation. How does this happen, and how do you cope? We have to look back at the root of it all, and acknowledge that every choice we make can affect the lives, paths, and choices of others. You may not even know them, or ever will as their paths may have been diverted through someone that they know or knew. Take for example, A and B are friends, and plan to work together, but A has a dispute with C who is a neighbour, and C decides to take A to court. This prevents A from pursuing their new venture, so the actions of C have indirectly affected the choices and path of B, who doesn’t even know C.

My younger self was idealistic, and while it’s fine having ideals, nothing prepares you for the reality check when those ideals either aren’t fulfilling, or when they fail. That’s why I am a realist or try ot be, although some would say that can appear pessimistic or over cautious, but many spiritual folks deny or eschew anything negative. I find that totally unrealistic and unhealthy, for if we ignore or fail to acknowledge negative issues or events, then how do we learn or evolve? How do we know how to solve issues, or what to avoid?

It can be frustrating when you know your path has diverted because the Soul that created the ‘obstacle’ was in denial, and no amount of telling them this worked. They had to figure it out for themselves, and suffer any consequences from the denial or lack of action – that often leads to a near death experience in order to wake the Soul up. There’s nothing you can do but to wait it out, and hope that the ‘nudge’ worked. This is where I find myself again, on another diversion where I didn’t seek the ‘tasks’ I have now been entrusted with (yes, more), but I am aware how essential my part is in all of this. How can I describe how I feel about it? I don’t relish the challenge, nor am I excited, but I feel as if this has crossed my path so that others may find the closure they seek. I accept the task in hand, but would happily pass it to another if any such entity existed, however, currently there isn’t and so I take on this mantle for others whom I don’t know personally, and they will never know who I am either.

I also know that once closure is attained, that will allow my other paths to reopen and for me to continue on my journeys. They have been on hold for quite a while, but I don’t begrudge what has happened because these days I am more stoical, and a higher degree of expectation makes acceptance more tolerable. Juggling several tasks is never easy, and in this case it appears TPTB have put the one I was involved with on ice to allow me to focus on the diversion and to bring it to a close. Each task involves harm to others and my role is to prevent harm, and to help heal those who have been harmed through justice and finding closure of sorts.

What I wish to reiterate is that paths can have diversions, and sometimes they need to be put on hold when other pressing issues need to be resolved, and that can arise from choices that other Soul Connections have made, or the actions of those associated with them. We can of course choose not to be involved, yet that will only lead to further obstacles. In the above example, if B doesn’t help A, then that will stall B’s path, so it would be wiser for B to assist A in order that the paths that each had chosen to pursue will be clear again. The intervention of C, and their actions created a diversion, and until it gets resolved, other paths will face obstacles. I’ve come to accept that these diversions exist for a reason, and not to get too frustrated at my plans being put on ice. That is why we should always be aware and conscious that every decision we make may affect others, and that’s how we learn to be selfless in our actions. It doesn’t matter that we may never know who is affected by our actions, because an evolved and conscious Soul knows that they must do the right thing irrespective of the personal consequences.

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