The Failure To Act Through Fear

As a Guide, much depends on when and whether your charges choose to act, but are you a failure because they failed to act through fear or apathy? Souls must choose to act through their own volition, because that’s the lesson they need to learn, but what if they are afraid, or what if they have convinced themselves it makes no difference, or it isn’t worth the risk or hassle? This is where the task of the Guide can become difficult as a mentor, because you don’t want to force them or bully them into action, but it’s equally hard to watch the consequences of inactions arise, when you can foresee the effects of a failure to act. Yet through a failure to act, there are valuable lessons to be learned, and perhaps that was the intended lesson?

How do you reconcile what you want them to do, when they procrastinate or lie to you? I have found myself in this situation several times, and it is a true test of tolerance for me. I will admit at times I have lost my patience, confronted my charges with lying (they don’t bother now, and try to avoid me instead), and I have had to stand back and watch the consequences of their fibs and inaction. You can’t say I didn’t try, and while I urged them towards the right path, I could sense they were afraid, and tried to do the minimal amount in an attempt to pacify me, and to convince themselves that they had acted. However, a task partially done isn’t completed, but as a Guide have I failed? I acted, and my job was to persuade and support my charges to act, but if they failed to act, then that is an act of failure on their part. What I didn’t tell them explicitly is that if they failed to act, then they would have to repeat the whole thing again from scratch.

How can you convince your charges to act in their best interests without telling them why? Watching them has taught me a lot about Souls who prefer ignorance, who get distracted by their emotions (as an excuse), who fail to listen to or heed advice that they know is in their best interests, or who convince themselves that the actions would be useless, so they don’t bother to act! When a failure to act leads to consequences for others, such as death or injury, that failure has a knock on effect on multiple Souls and their Soul Groups. So you can see, a single act of a failure to act can lead to a chain reaction, where the paths of Souls can alter. What is worse is that as a Guide I can foresee the consequences of a failure to act, but am helpless to do anything other than to support the charge to act, and to help them to see why they need to act without telling them why.

In my case, I told the charges the potential outcome (which has come to pass) of their failure to act, and they made a passive attempt to act. However, it was too late and people have died. They have learned their lessons the hard way, and have gone quiet having witnessed the consequences of their inaction. I don’t know what more I could have done, but that doesn’t make it any easier either. The hardest thing for me is to not to feel like a failure, or to beat myself up over thinking I could have done more. They will have to live with the guilt that they could have done something to prevent deaths, or perhaps they will convince themselves that they couldn’t have done anything and it would have made no difference. The fact that I predicted the outcome and that they have seen that I wasn’t being a drama queen maybe their lesson. At what cost? It wasn’t my lesson to learn, yet I have learned that Souls fail to act through fear, and apathy, and that I can’t save everyone.

My advice is not to be afraid of acting, for a failure to act will probably affect many Souls who you will never know of. We all have choices to act, but Souls can often convince themselves of the easiest option and assume that was the action necessary. Things are never that easy and straightforward, and succumbing to self-delusion coupled with a failure to act means that the Soul Lesson will have to be repeated in full. Hopefully the Soul will have learned from their previous choices, and while fear is a natural reaction, a Soul needs to learn to overcome a fear to act.

Some of you may ask how do you overcome the fear to act? There is no easy answer, but one should look at the potential outcomes of failing to act, and what could happen if you did act. The Soul should choose to do the right thing, but many will be conflicted because they may have to admit to a flaw to do so, while others will be afraid of what others may think or how others will judge them. I guess because I don’t seek approval in what I do or say, or have a desire to be liked it maybe easier for me to act in the best interests of others. Obviously it’s nice to be liked, but it’s not something I need, and it doesn’t sway or influence my decisions to act. I have told off an elderly neighbour for breaking the Covid-19 rules by allowing a friend come over and stay on New Year’s Day, while my other friends tried to defend her saying she was lonely. Her selfishness and disregard for the rules was noticed by many, and as neighbours come to help her regularly. I told her she was putting them at risk, especially as the friend’s car got stuck in the snow and they called out six neighbours to help push the car out, therefore, she put another six people at risk due to her selfishness.

I’ve come to accept that one can still learn through a failure to act, but what if the Soul fails to learn from that failure? It’s back to the starting line, and often that means those in the Soul Group will have to repeat the whole lesson again. That’s how incarnations work, and eventually the Soul will find the courage to act, and they will find that their fear was unwarranted. I know, I’ve been there and it’s the fear that paralyzes you, and can make you paranoid and the ego gets affected. Why should it matter what others think of you, and why does it bother you if they change their opinion of you? Once you grasp that the most important thing is to able to live with your conscience wholly, you will realize that what others think really is insignificant, and that’s how you overcome the fear when you have a choice to act.


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