Perception, Listening, And Acceptance

One never stops learning, and in my case what I have recently learned is that some Souls don’t wish to learn or are afraid. It’s frustrating to say the least because I question, why bother to guide or mentor those who don’t wish to listen or choose not to act? This is another lesson in my evergrowing need to learn greater degrees of tolerance, yet it is never easy as what do you do? Choose to turn a blind eye, keep mentoring, or pack up and move on? There is no definitive answer because it is based on your perception, and whether you feel the charge will benefit, if they need you, or if they need more time.

We all need guidance in life at some point, but when a Guide mentors and advises, what seems straightforward to them may not to the charge. It’s about their perception and also if they are ready to listen and accept directions to things that they would rather not do. The number of times  have heard charges agree with me and to do something, only to have the same conversation several times in the space of a year. I also remind them of what I have said, and a passive ‘yes’ is the reply, so what can you do?

If you are extremely patient you can wait around, but it also means you may have to watch a charge suffer because they chose not to listen to guidance. You can remain quiet when things go wrong, again because they failed to listen and hope they learned a different lesson, but if they don’t, do you spell out the lesson or not? Watching charges make the same mistakes over and over again isn’t fun, and it can feel like failure, but no one can force another Soul to see things from a certain perspective, to listen clearly, or to accept when they have made an error. This is why young souls are hard work for they are quick to do things they enjoy or that benefit them directly, but anything that seems like hard work or that involves change they procrastinate.

All Souls have the free will to listen and then to act, but if a Soul chooses not to do either, the Guide cannot force them. In time they may learn, but that maybe many incarnations later, which can be frustrating for a Guide who wishes to see their charge happy and successful. You see, often Souls create their own obstacles to happiness or from pursing the best path possible through fear or apathy. They want to know the results before they have begun the journey or they lose interest. What they don’t understand is that a journey is never guaranteed for it may change suddenly, and some Souls fear change unless they know what and when that change will be.

Part of being on a path is to have a broad perspective, to be open to listening to all sides and options, and then accept whatever happens on the journey. Unless a Soul is prepared for all three elements they may feel stuck, and that’s because they have created their own inner obstacles. A Guide may spot this in their charges from time to time and it’s a difficult situation to deal with, because the Guide will then be stuck. This is when an experienced Guide will take a step back, and perhaps after a while leave the charge to find their own path, for it’s unhealthy for a Guide to be stuck for too long with a charge who doesn’t wish to listen because the charge will use up the Guide’s energy.

A Guide may feel like they are letting a charge down, but from experience you can’t tell when a charge decides to act, for they may say one thing and do quite the opposite. Too often, these Souls seek psychics who will tell them what they wish to hear because that gives them hope, whereas they choose not to hear or to accept the real choices they already have. Again, if that’s what they prefer then that maybe a sign that they are not open to listening or receiving guidance and that a Guide should consider utilizing their energies elsewhere. If you are fortunate enough to have a Guide, perhaps consider their words even if they aren’t exactly what you want to hear. The truth doesn’t always glow, and that’s a fact some Souls don’t wish to accept or face.


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