Spiritual Scars

Scars are important because they remind us of what we have learnt, what not to do, to be cautious, and perhaps how to do things better. They are part of the Soul. We are led to believe that our Souls will be healed of all pain once we have reached the Spiritual Plane, but healing isn’t that easy, nor is it scar free. When we choose to reincarnate those Spiritual Scars may be invisible for a while, however they still exist. This won’t happen to all, but to those who are in touch with their Higher Self and also those who can recall their former incarnations, these scars may remind them of how they evolved on their Spiritual Path. However, these scars can also hinder an incarnation, and that’s one reason why I don’t encourage others to delve into past lives too much, or to search the Akashic Records (or ask another to read them) because it can unearth scars that are temporarily invisible. The problem is a reader may not know that and the reasons why because they are not privy to that knowledge, which is why dabbling into spiritual matters can cause harm, and also create blocks, ironic, as most seek a reader to release blocks.

Sometimes books come about when you need a message, often when you aren’t looking. I’d seen Paulo Coelho’s ‘The Pilgrimage’ several times in shops over the years but never bought it. Earlier this year, I saw it again in a charity shop where it was 3 books for £1, and I picked up a copy of ‘The Pilgrimage’ as the third book because there was nothing else of interest. That was a while back, and I decided to read it because I wanted something light! As soon as I read the preface and prologue I felt a sense of relief as he described how I had felt several years ago. Choosing, or rather having no choice but to follow a spiritual path and one that you are hesitant in doing so is actually normal. Maybe I needed to read the book because the spiritual path (a true one) is often conflicted with challenges and darkness.

I’m currently reading the book, a chapter here and there and it has given me some comfort in that spiritual journeys can be full of doubt and frustration. At times I identify with Coelho, and other times with his guide, Petrus. It reminds me of my own spiritual scars that serve to remind me that I am human and make mistakes, but that I learn from them. We cannot be spiritual 24/7 while we are human on the physical plane as much as we would like to be; it simply isn’t possible. Human emotions and reactions are reflex actions, and not all will be ‘spiritual’, yet that is normal because we then know right from wrong.

The Spiritual Scars we carry are more than past life recollections, they are feelings and thoughts too. As this is my last incarnation it doesn’t matter that I recall all, but at times it can make me melancholy, at times too serious, impatient, and also weary. I know that often what I say will go over the heads of many, and those I mentor will not understand what I mean until a few incarnations later.

No one can see the scars and you can’t even pinpoint them as they meld together like a power vortex, so separating them isn’t always possible. It’s like a complicated recipe, and you are the final result. You can’t always prepare for how you will react or feel either, and it can give you strength or make you pensive. The book reminded me of my own spiritual path and the conflicts as a Guide, and that we never stop learning and apply what we learn subconsciously. I relived some of the painful choices, fears, and events that have come to pass on my journeys; the near death situations, times when there was no hope, barren and bleak periods, and also ones where there were good Souls around who reinstalled faith when it was fading. I was reminded of the times I wanted it to end, when I wanted to give up (but that wasn’t an option), and when I was left with nothing and was alone with no direction. Indeed, looking back at my words it sounds scary, but I survived somehow and draw strength from that, and know that if faced with the same challenge that I will cope somehow, not in the same way, but that I have that strength within me.

I don’t find rituals necessary because we already know the truth and what spiritual means to each of us. There are many definitions, but to me being spiritual means that you understand that Souls exist eternally, and that a human incarnation is a transient part of a Soul Evolution. As our Souls grow older (and wiser) the scars once worn fade as those lessons have become part of the Soul itself; they exist, but do not persist, yet remind the Soul of how they evolved. The scars are part of my Soul and cannot be erased, but have been healed, and eventually any associated pain becomes transient. Perhaps that’s why I have little sentiment and empathy, because to me it’s all relative and is necessary for lessons to be learned? Maybe that’s why Old and Ancient Souls seem so distant, not because they don’t care, but they know it will all come to pass eventually.

Souls will always learn and will always need support. The journey can be daunting at times, and it is the journey where we learn and not the destination where we achieve. The destination gives us an aim, but from there you then have to find another destination, and thus another journey begins. At times you do need to stop to rest, because the mind and body functions best (and the Soul can learn more) when both are healthy and have energy. A weary mind and aching body will achieve very little, which is why rest and the ability to know how to rest is important. That means to know your limitations and to accept them, which for those with inflated egos tend to be an issue. Again, that is the Soul learning, for it is best to have learned one thing properly rather than several partial incomplete lessons. My Spiritual Scars remind me that not everyone will see things how I do, or understand my reasoning either, but perhaps in time they will.

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