Spiritual Duty And Exhaustion

Is there such as thing as being ‘spiritually exhausted’? When I sat down to write this I felt a plain and simple description was appropriate. How does it happen, why, and what can you do about it? No matter how strongly you ‘shield’ you will always feel some burden of responsibility when you see things going wrong in society. We can speak up for change, but change can be slow, and things that do go wrong can take time to get resolved. As a result, you can get exhausted as things build up with no sign of resolution.

Can you prevent exhaustion? What if you took precautions to make sure you didn’t take on too much, yet it still happens? As much as you wish to prevent things, sometimes the current responsibilities you carry may grow intense, so even if you turn down others you can still get exhausted from the responsibilities you already have. I was exhausted recently with the additional hassle of various parties fibbing or being manipulative, and others who have put their heads in the sand. It can deter you from wishing to help others, even when duty shouts out to you.

When things all come in one go, you have to deal with it, but it’s tiring. You try to put things on hold, but then others procrastinate, and it’s a case of juggling things just to get them done and dusted. You try and prioritize, and that means others may not understand why you ignore things or when you brush off frivolous things, and that’s because you don’t have time for nonsense. What energy you have, you must preserve for when it is needed and can’t be wasted. Many do not see that, and that in itself is exhausting.

Why does it happen? Spirituality isn’t a smooth ride, and much depends on the others involved. As a lightworker you often cannot control when a charge decides to cooperate, or if someone agrees to accept help, and it’s a challenge to balance things and to act when your energy is limited. Perhaps it’s a personal challenge, but all it does is reduce the quality of assistance that can be offered. This is why I do turn down many including spirits, because it’s better to help only when you are able to rather than because you want to.

What can do you do about being exhausted? When you have pressing matters to resolve it’s hard to switch off and to relax. You need to try though, because not only will the energy levels wither away, frustration, annoyance, and resentment can kick in. I’ll freely admit at times I have been resentful at times when all my actions in a day have been for the benefit of others. Some of you may say that’s not very spiritual, but we’re talking on a grand scale here where the people I am helping aren’t even aware of it, yet they complain about small things and make life unnecessarily difficult for no other reason than ignorance.

Part of me asks to be released, but when things have gone so far, you have to see it through. Often things spiral and where one good turn leads to another far greater good turn that you didn’t consciously opt to take on. When things fall into your lap, it’s because you are needed for a reason. I accept that, but with it does come exhaustion of balancing spiritual responsibility and also coping with living on the physical plane which seems to get more difficult day by day. Humans complicate things unnecessarily to make themselves feel and look better, and rules that are created, just who benefits?

An exhausted lightworker is no good, nor is one that has become resentful when others demand more from them. They only have so much to give and I am peaking, so I am withdrawing to save my energy for what will come. Sometimes we don’t choose a battle or fight, but become involved because we have been asked to help; that’s where I am and it’s no easy task.

Yes, you can become spiritually exhausted, and that’s when you have to stop everything and take a day or two of doing simply nothing. I admit there can be guilt, and sleepless nights, but it is necessary for survival. My hope is that others will understand this, and those in the Spiritual Realm see this, not as a human flaw, but a realistic one and either aid or back down.

Exhaustion can lead to wanting out because you simply derive no pleasure each day from existing. When that happens it’s time to stop, because what is the point? Are you existing merely to aid others as and when they so desire? That’s what it feels like when you are spiritually exhausted, when there’s nothing left in the pot for your own Soul. I am ‘needed’ (reluctantly) so I can’t go yet, and what I desire and need have to be shelved right at the back, and that’s also frustrating, and I’ll admit it saddens me. It gives me little incentive to carry on or the will to do more, yet I must dig deep as I know my responsibilities no matter how daunting and tiring they maybe. This is the side of lightworking and spirituality people don’t discuss and it’s weary, where you then begin to question what is spirituality about if you don’t have choices. My choice is to assist and do the right thing, or watch others suffer and be harmed; not much of a choice and that’s why spiritual responsibility can lead to exhaustion, and you can’t prevent it or turn a blind eye to it.

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