Soul Responsibility

Today is Easter Sunday, and there is much going on in the world that affects all of us that it’s easy to forget about the bigger picture and that we do have a ‘Soul Responsibility’ to our own Soul, our Soul Group members, and to innocent souls that cross our paths. These days, the easy option is to often think, ‘It’s none of my business,’ or hope that someone else will do something about a situation, or even believe that ‘Fate’ will sort things out. Those thoughts do help any guilt to subside, and while we should not interfere, that doesn’t mean we should turn our backs on those who may need help. At times, the Soul is tested when situations cross their path, and they must choose from the options presented; thus if you are in a situation where you can help another, or assist in preventing a situation in becoming a tragedy, then as a Soul, you have a responsibility to do something, or do you?

The Soul always has choices, and whatever the choice it must accept the consequences and outcomes. Leaving things to ‘Fate’ is a misconception as it is tied to destiny, and fate only intervenes when a certain path needs to be corrected. Often Souls who cross your path are a result of fate, either to assist or to convey a message, so never discount such encounters. Perhaps fate put you in a situation because you have the capacity to assist, although you have the choice to assist or to walk away?

Recently I have been reminded of Soul Responsibility, and to teach others that it’s not all about themselves. Humanity thrives on Souls helping and supporting one another rather than competing and back stabbing those who they see as threats. Each Soul has a responsibility to take care of the ‘Soul’ and how it is cared for during an incarnation for it will undergo trials, pain, harm, and confusion. At the end of an incarnation, a Soul may not have learned all the lessons they set out for themselves, but they most will have experienced some pain and harm that will need time to heal. A Soul can bury such emotions during an incarnation as life doesn’t allow time for healing at times (work and the demands of society), but will have time to reflect when they review their incarnation. Hence, taking care of the Soul during an incarnation is important, but just how can you protect your Soul? There is no simple answer, and you can’t always protect it for some lessons require some pain to learn from. What you can do is keep clear of negative energies that can drain the Soul, do not expose yourself (as in reveal too much about your thoughts and private life) too readily to those who you do not know or trust for they can use that against you and cause harm, and listen to your instincts and learn to trust them even if others dismiss them.

Lightworkers in particular have a Soul Responsibility for Souls who cross their paths, and all Souls carry some responsibilities for their Soul Group members. Remember, a Soul Group is like an eternal family and what happens to one member can affect others, if not in the present, then in future incarnations. However, all Souls have a responsibility to other Souls if they are in a position to prevent harm. By that I do not mean ‘charity work’ but when a Soul has a moral duty to do something because they have knowledge that can help others, or they witness an injustice and have the ability to do something about it. Such instances are corrupt governments, public bodies, or if someone is a witness to a crime. If a Soul knows the truth and opts not to come forward because they don’t want to get involved or want the hassle, then one must ask how their Soul can live with that?

For example, if someone is on death row for a crime they did not commit and there was a witness, but they didn’t want to come forward because they were there because they were having an affair, is that right? They would rather carry on with the lie and save the problem of their infidelity being revealed versus the death of an innocent person. While I like to believe the justice system can work, we know it fails too for a number of reasons from poor legal representation, flawed evidence, forced confessions, fake witness statements, corrupt officials, and mistakes in forensics. That Soul had the power to right a wrong, but they chose not to for selfish reasons, as in to protect themselves and hide their wrong doing. It’s a moral choice and the Soul has choices, and must live with the outcome. In the case of the crime, what if it was a murder or rape, and the real culprit went on to harm others due to the Soul choosing not to come forward? Would karmic debt arise from that? It is likely because the Soul had options, and knew the consequences too, that the real criminal was free to harm others.

Often people carry knowledge to their graves and would rather not know things, yet we cannot unknow or unread things. This means a Soul has responsibilities if they come across information that can prevent harm, or that can prove that someone is corrupt or innocent of a crime. Others in society may call them whistleblowers, or snitches, but if all they are doing is telling a hidden truth, what is wrong with that? Why does society stigmatize others for coming forward? Is turning a blind eye to a liar, fraud, and other dubious acts the responsible thing to do? To me, it’s simple in the answer is ‘of course not’, yet this is a lesson I realize many still have to learn and to choose what to do in a given situation. Karma also is involved for the Soul must do it for the right reason, and that means not for a reward, fame, or because they were subpoenaed. Basically they won’t lose brownie points, but they won’t gain them because they did not proffer the information freely.

We as Souls choose Soul Responsibility, and it’s easy to forget that we have such a thing in a world dominated by materialism, power, fame, money, and status. It’s not about reaping rewards, but doing what is right because the Soul knows it is the right thing to do. At times being responsible will come at a cost whether it be mentally, financial, or lead to time constraints and compromises with the Soul’s own path. That’s why it’s not easy, and why many Souls shirk responsibility when they are confronted with it. Being responsible at a Soul level is usually led by Old Souls who encourage the Mature and Young Souls who may resist. However, Old Souls too may not wish to get involved if they want a quiet incarnation, but often they will relent because they know they have a moral duty and what the possible consequences are if they do not act responsibly.

I have always been this responsible since childhood, something I and others never quite understood as I do know. You see, it’s ingrained within an Ancient and Old Soul, and I look back at my 5-year-old self telling adults off for lying or doing the wrong thing as if it was natural and normal. These days I am no different, but I am more cautious about how I convey my thoughts, and to whom. Recognizing your Soul Responsibilities is part of the Soul Evolution, and is not easy in a world that chooses to hide truths, or to whitewash incidents as the norm. Just because it is accepted behavior on the physical realm doesn’t mean it is the right thing to do on a Soul level. When you feel guilt or your conscience prodding you, then you know you have failed in your Soul Responsibilities, and that is something you can learn from.


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