What Exactly Is The ‘Higher Self’?

Although I have talked about the ‘Higher Self’, what it is and what purpose it serves, I find that some Souls have unrealistic expectations of the Higher Self, especially when they read for others, or when a Soul expects them to sort things out. I recently asked a friend who I was doing a card reading for (only to confirm, for I believe we all know the answers to the questions even if they are not the answers we want to hear) if she knew how readings work. Most people assume Guides pass on information to the Sensitive or help choose which cards to pick, and that can be true at a base level, as in the Guide of the Sensitive will contact the Higher Self of the Soul in question and act as a middle man. That’s how it works generally, and for those who don’t use Guides like myself, I contact the Higher Self of the Soul directly. Contact however can only be made when if the Sensitive has access to the dimension where the Higher Self of the Soul resides, therefore not all Sensitives can channel or communicate with all Souls, as not all Guides have access, for they too are limited to those in their dimension and below. The use of a ‘middle man’ also can lead to misinterpretations as it is essentially second hand information that is being passed down, which can lead to inaccurate readings for we all interpret things slightly differently. In addition the Higher Self may deny access or choose not to communicate, and this too must be taken into account, and does occur because all Souls have free will. Just because you can call someone doesn’t mean that they must take that call.


The Higher Self is technically the part of the Soul that anchors the Soul to the Spiritual Realm, and is like your own library housing everything done and said, and recording all interactions with other Souls over all the incarnations it has had. It’s a hard copy of the Soul, and another copy is archived in the hall of Akashic Records should anything happen to the Soul like a reference copy. However, the Higher Self also evolves as it is part of the Soul. Therefore a Young Soul will have a Higher Self that may not be that wise or experienced in guiding, and as such the Higher Self cannot always be relied upon for guidance, but will have more direct contact with Guides who can advise them. Often when a Soul disconnects from the Higher Self as well, then growth is limited if any is made at all. Contrary to belief, there isn’t a one size fits all approach to the Higher Self, just as there are Ancient, Old, Mature, and Young Souls for the Higher Self is part of the same Soul and therefore some maybe learning, evolving, or also be healing. This is when a Soul is usually assigned more Guides to assist them.

Connecting and listening to the Higher Self

This is one of the first questions I encountered; just how do you connect to the Higher Self? What I would say is not to try too hard for there is no single way to do this. Each Soul reacts differently, so you connect by listening, feeling, and being honest with yourself. When you want to do something, but something holds you back because it’s dangerous or wrong, that’s your Higher Self connecting with you. When you aren’t sure of something, look deeply for the answer and it will come to you even if it’s not the best one. Sometimes one must accept that life is imperfect and that the media portray society and humanity to be something that rarely resembles reality.

We all have the capacity to listen, but are clouded when drugs, alcohol, or other addictive behaviors get in the way. If the body is exhausted then it too will struggle to function and be able to listen to the Higher Self with clarity. For those who do indulge in activities that are morally questionable, the Higher Self may battle to get heard, and the Soul may block the Higher Self out because they don’t want to hear. On the other hand, I recently communicated with the Higher Self of one I knew was deceptive, and the Higher Self was deceptive at first, and then reluctantly told the truth. I see it as the Higher Self wishing to protect the Soul (even if they do immoral things) and hoping that they succeed. Here, I can only imagine all the Guides have been shut out with an iron door because the Soul and the Higher Self do not want guidance.

There is also confusion whether what you may hear is your Guide or the Higher Self, or in the case of someone under the influence it maybe a mischievous entity for  they can be devious and pretend to be a Guide to those who are vulnerable. When I say vulnerable, I mean those who are on medication, alcoholics, drug addicts, and those who are depressed, or have anxiety issues. This is why some choose to meditate, or find quiet space alone without any distractions such as phones, or computers so they can focus.  I find before you go to sleep is a good time to connect, while relaxing in the bath, or walking in the park or on the beach. Don’t force it, and don’t expect too much because the connection is something that you also develop. Some expect answers immediately, but like any relationship it can take time to understand what is truly being relayed and how it is conveyed.

Security of the Higher Self

Theoretically the Higher Self can choose to respond to whom it wishes, but Sensitives can still try and sneak a peek. Just as we can see people when they walk down the street, others can glimpse others unless they have Guardians and are protected behind doors. Some are, and access can only be gained with direct consent, and even when consent is given by the Soul, the Higher Self still has the final say and may deny access.

This happened to me a few times when I gave consent for a Sensitive to communicate with my Higher Self or Guides in my earlier years of awakening, but on more than one occasion (and different times) they admitted that they were blocked, information was not available, or that I simply could not be read. This does indicate that the Higher Self does have protection from prying eyes and those who wish to intrude, although at the time I wasn’t aware of this.

The responsibilities of the Higher Self

The Higher Self does have a responsibility to guide the other part of the Soul and to assist them on their chosen Soul Goals during an incarnation, yet sometimes they get compromised having to choose between doing the right thing or protecting the Soul. These conflicts can arise, and theoretically the Soul must look after its counterpart, but must steer them in the correct direction. When they make a poor decision, then Guides will step in, but only when there is potential harm to other Souls. The Higher Self and the Soul must learn together, and Guides cannot interfere unless the possible harm that could arise affects other Souls who did not agree to assist in their Soul Lessons.

If they opt to divert, and engage in such acts like murder, fraud, theft and other criminal activities, then what should the Higher Self do? It’s part of them so did they encourage it? If so, then that Higher Self has failed in guiding, but one that tries to stop the Soul from carrying out such acts, what happens then? Usually Guides will intervene, and the Higher Self will take a back seat while the Guides attempt to rectify things. As we know, that doesn’t always work due to free will, and with all the best advice on the planet, some Souls will choose not to listen to anyone. The Higher Self then will remain distant and as time goes on, it makes reconnecting all the more difficult.

The responsibilities of the Higher Self depend very much on how the Soul chooses to behave, and if they opt not to listen and disconnect, then the Higher Self can do very little about that. When this occurs and karmic debt accrues, then Guides will assist to try and persuade the Soul to reconnect. The purpose of the Higher Self is to be the moral and familiar voice in an incarnation that maybe filled with distractions, temptations, and confusion, yet the Higher Self doesn’t always get it right, for it is learning too.

The limitations of the Higher Self

Even though the Higher Self is safe residing on the Spiritual Realm it can still get affected by the choices and actions the other part of the Soul chooses on the physical plane. This does limit them, yet they too have choices and can persuade the Soul to choose a better path if they one they are on is not the best choice in the long term. That’s the difference; a Soul on the physical plane looks and thinks short term, while the Higher Self thinks long term.

While the Higher Self maybe privy to the plans the Soul has made, they cannot alter the plans. The Soul during an incarnation has choices, and plans maybe altered through default as each choice creates alternate paths.

Can the Higher Self be deceitful?

Your own Higher Self will always be honest with you, for they are part of you. One cannot expect that when reading the Higher Self of other Souls, mainly when readings are done or if someone wishes to contact the spirit of one that has passed. When asking questions, one must be direct and phrase things in the present and future rather than the past, because it’s how the Higher Self perceives things and that may not always be the truth if in the past. The present and future they cannot deny, but maybe evasive. When there is no clear answer, either a path has not been chosen or the Higher Self is trying to cover up something or to hide an answer by being vague. I take a vague answer as reluctance to answer because they know it will be negative or if it is a devious act it may ruin the plans that the Soul had been planning.

Guides work alongside the Higher Self to aid them in making the best choices, and sometimes when a Soul cannot hear their Guides, the Higher Self is used to rely information to them. This way a Soul knows that the information has come from a trusted source if they have connected to their Higher Self, as some may take time to get used to a new Guide. To be honest, many have connected to their Higher Self subconsciously and that to me is the best way. If you find yourself murmuring to yourself or doing or saying things subconsciously, that may well be your Higher Self  connecting with you. Don’t forget, the connection is always there if you want it, but there will be times when the connection is weak, or there is a temporary disconnection, but it can never be severed.


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