Crossing The Fragile Broken Bridge

Bridges feature heavily as symbols when you are on a path, whether you are changing one, reach the end of one, or are in search of an alternate one. Sometimes bridges can be scary to cross, and indeed there are some long ones where you can’t see where you will end up, while others maybe a little rickety and unstable as you make your way across. What does it mean when you see a bridge, or when you are crossing it? A new phase or path, or overcoming an obstacle or difficult path?

The other morning I saw myself walking across a bridge, but it was made of pliable plastic (just metaphorical).The sides were wooden, old but still in one piece, and the floor of the bridge was made of strips of white pliable plastic, the kind you see on plastic strip doors in refrigerated areas. Yes, I was thinking that no one could walk across a bridge with a plastic floor, but I was, and I was balancing, for each step had to be taken with care. I could see ahead there was a huge gap in the middle and there were only two narrow white plastic strips left either side. The gap was too wide to jump (and being pliable plastic wasn’t wise) and the only way to get across was to balance and grip the sides. It took a while, and there were moments of fear and doubt, but I made it and found myself on the other side of the bridge very relieved.

So what does it mean? The bridge was old, so I see that in terms that the path was an old one that perhaps needed closure. The plastic flooring indicates that the bridge has been mended, which may mean that this path before may have been attempted before and different ways of getting across had been attempted as well. The weak bridge indicates a delicate and perhaps precarious situation that has resulted in damage and has harmed others. The big hole I saw three-quarters across the bridge indicates to me that what transpired could not be mended. It’s interesting to note that I didn’t see the whole journey, only the part to get past the damaged part, but I was able to see that the crossing was successful.

For most people who see visions of bridges, it will indicate a period of transition, however, for those who are Guides, it could be a message for one that you are mentoring, or that you are assisting with a challenge that is nearing completion. This can be difficult for some to distinguish between messages for themselves or messages to help guide others and that’s where intuition comes in. Although I felt the anxiety of crossing the bridge and the relief in getting across, I also felt a sense of detachment in that it wasn’t my path even though I was given access to the emotions that came with it. A Guide will have access to the thoughts and emotions of Souls they assist, so that they can help steer them correctly, or as well as they can. By seeing things through their eyes, they can guide more effectively, and because I could see the Soul reach the other end of the bridge, I knew then the message wasn’t for me and I was watching over them.

Guides are sometimes given such messages to encourage others and to give them hope when there are struggles. My seeing the end result also gives me hope that the resolution will be positive, although the damage left behind will remain. I saw the torn white plastic flapping, meaning that it could never be repaired, not in this incarnation anyhow as the bridge has been crossed and there is no return. The rapid nature of the crossing also means that things will move quickly as if to get this over and done with as soon as possible. I noted the anxious nature of the Soul crossing, that once the hurdle of getting past the damaged part of the bridge had been achieved, it gave them courage to carry on until the end. I watched and felt them run, holding onto the sides to get there, afraid that the plastic may not hold and while they had the momentum, but also wanting to put that bridge crossing behind them. I felt there were tears of relief as the crossing of the bridge had been a very tough Soul Lesson, and the Soul was a little scarred by what had occurred during this phase, but they survived and will learn from it.

During an incarnation, our paths will always encounter some obstacles, and bridges signify a diversion or an alternative means to help the Soul carry on along their chosen path. We can choose to take the bridge or not, and if the bridge is sturdy and strong it can symbolize that the Soul has learned and that the obstacle has been overcome. Damaged and fragile bridges can indicate emotional pain and loss, but these are inevitable lessons that each Soul will encounter at some stage. We learn to find a way to get past them (in an Indiana Jones fashion) or we try to fix the bridge (heal, or to confront the issue) so that we can continue on the journey.

Healing and metaphorically mending bridges (so to speak) is more likely with Soul Contracts and Bonds where it is necessary to confront uncomfortable issues, and are more likely to be bridges that have been mended multiple times. It means that the Souls involved have been on that bridge before, perhaps in different roles, and the anticipated outcome took several if not more incarnations, while each time the bridge got weaker in spots, or damaged in other areas, and maybe fixed in other parts.

Sometimes a damaged bridge that is beyond repair indicates that the Soul was partially responsible for the damage, and that’s why they must learn to find a way to cross, or maybe there is a Soul Contract or Bond that must end for whatever reason. They may slip and fall while crossing, but can hold on for support; they alone must choose to go forward, or some choose to stay, and others turn back, especially on bridges where it’s single file or only one person can cross at a time. Whatever they decide, the bridge will remain in the state it was, so they can’t escape what lies ahead, but may take an alternate path, but often that will appear more dangerous and uncertain than the damaged bridge. This is when Souls often feel stuck on their path, with a choice of having to confront and deal with a damaged bridge or a dangerous and unseen path. Many opt to do nothing, which is why some Souls don’t learn the lessons they have opted for and feel their life is stuck in a rut.

In this case (and I feel I know who the Soul is in the vision) the Soul has no choice but to try and cross the bridge, because staying put on a plastic bridge isn’t an option. The alternative is to return and get off the bridge, which means they will lose everything and face humiliation as it is they who created the bridge and chose to cross the bridge. It was noticeable that no one helped mend the bridge this time (as opposed to before) and that the side rails were fairly sturdy, but old indicating the Soul had been assisted before, and that they are relying on the old help given.

Assistance isn’t a right; it comes to those who ask, but only for the right reasons. No doubt the Soul may have asked for help in crossing the damaged bridge, but this was denied, for mending it would mean that they had learned and achieved the Soul Lesson that was sought. One may walk away from a damaged bridge, but eventually that damage will need to be addressed. It does mean that the Soul Bond with whomever has been damaged and will need to be repaired via other means. Perhaps Karmic Debt or a Soul Contract to assist another in exchange?

Life is a series of bridges; at times they are strong, straightforward and easy to cross, others are long and look daunting, and some don’t look appealing to cross at all. We choose whether or not to cross them and how, quickly, or slowly and carefully. Sometimes if we go too quickly we can damage the bridge, fall over and get hurt, or get a wobble to remind us to slow down, and if we go slowly we can get anxious and nervous and lose the courage to continue. Spiritual bridges remind us that paths can change, but that we can always overcome obstacles and appear as options on our paths. They are there to help with the Soul Lessons, and to remind us that paths can and do change, and that Souls have the power to create bridges as well as to mend them if need be.


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