The Power Of The Soul

First of all, one must answer the question, “What is power?” for the answer to that will determine how powerful your Soul is. Each Soul has the capacity for power;

  • That is the power to choose their path.
  • The power to know right from wrong.
  • The power to see the truth whether it’s good or bad.

It is then for the Soul to choose to use those powers to help them evolve during an incarnation. The truth can be harsh, ugly, painful and unpleasant, but pretending that it isn’t the truth doesn’t make it disappear. Being able to confront truths and admit errors is a power, and one many fail to utilize. Each Soul does know right from wrong, and even if one has less than pleasant thoughts it doesn’t mean they will act on them. The Soul has choices, and that power can lead to the Soul evolving or standing still. Despite what some think and feel, the Soul does have choices on the paths they choose to pursue, however, this was done before an incarnation, therefore the Soul needs to trust their own Soul and Higher Self as whatever path was chosen, was done so for a reason of the Soul’s choosing. I know this can often lead to frustration, and discontent because I have been there myself, but we still have limited powers in steering the direction and speed of the paths we have chosen.

I imagine some may click on this and want to know how to be a powerful Soul, yet that is why I ask you first how you define power or view it. There are no shortcuts, there are no standards to achieve, and there is no one to judge either. A truly powerful Soul will not have the need to declare it, and in fact most would deny they have a powerful Soul. You see power is about control, and you must ask if you seek it why? What do you wish to control? If it’s others then that is the wrong kind of power. Maybe you wish to have the power to control your life? The answer is that you do, but with it comes challenges of moral dilemmas that you must choose to navigate, and cope with.

The Soul that feels powerless is one that hasn’t learned to have faith in themselves or their Higher Self, or one that is guided by what they think they ought to do, look, and behave rather that what the inner Soul truly believes. A powerful Soul accepts honesty and truth whatever the cost and many might see that as foolhardy if it can be avoided or is costly financially. Integrity doesn’t come cheaply, and in fact it can be very costly, but a powerful Soul knows how much it is actually worth. You see the Soul is eternal (as I have said before), and Old and Ancient Souls can’t pretend they don’t know, for each action or choice of action stems from a previous one. For example, you can’t be honest and righteous one minute and then later on try and pretend for convenience that something didn’t happen to make life easier. It’s a case of taking a step forward and two back. Trying to fool your own Soul weakens its power, for the conscious self works with the Soul, therefore, the Self has an obligation to help the Soul retain its power.

It takes time to nurture the Soul Power, and along the way there will be many moral conflicts. Some the Soul will witness and not approve of, and others will be decisions they must make. I, myself will express disapproval at another Soul making an immoral choice, and I do so only because I don’t wish to enable such behavior. I cannot stop it, but I make it clear that it’s not something that I consider morally acceptable. When it comes to making decisions for myself, I consider the consequences my actions may have on others. Obviously I cannot be responsible for all outcomes, but the likely ones. A powerful Soul is a responsible one, where thoughts and actions are considered with care.

You see, all Souls have the capacity to be powerful, but it’s not the type of power that all expect. Some assume power is when you can control others, events, and can see into the future, yet I say power comes from integrity and the conscious ability to see the truth as it is, and not to sugar coat it, dress it up, or omit parts that they would rather forget. It is far more powerful than many imagine, and only when you possess it will you truly understand what a powerful Soul is. A powerful Soul is one that trusts and has faith in themselves, even when others disagree, and one that isn’t influenced, or intimidated by others, nor is afraid of any consequences they must face. That can be hard in a world where others seek the wrong type of power over others, and a truly powerful Soul will always remain true to themselves even if they have tough lessons to learn from the outcomes.


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