How Long Do You Have To Wait For Karma Or Fate To Act?

I get asked this question so often, and I’m almost afraid to reply as people get disappointed with my answer, mainly because there is no set defined timeframe whereby Fate or Karma work. How can you give a definitive answer when every present thought or action affects the level of karmic debt owed? Some don’t want to hear why, or how Karma works; they just want to know when. I often want to ask why they feel they alone are entitled to Karma working at their will, but I get that many will feel wronged and want that made right in order to move on. However, once you have a better understanding of the conditions and elements necessary for Karma or Fate to act, then it can leave you less frustrated and in some cases speed things along.

It’s normal if you have been wronged to want to see justice as soon as possible, but first you must try to be objective. Who is to say which party was right or wrong, are you completely innocent and blameless, or was there something that could have been done to prevent things? As I have said before, you can lie to yourself or convince yourself of an ambiguous truth, but Karma doesn’t judge or take sides; it merely rebalances acts and wrongs that have occurred.

Justice comes in many guises too, and you can’t pick and choose how karmic debt is repaid, for that is not your remit. Lessons come in many formats; short and sharp, long and drawn out, or through other Souls that are in your group. For example, in a case where karmic debt is being repaid, someone may end up in hospital to have surgery or in drastic cases develop an illness. Other examples may include losing a job, home, a friendship, or something that could change the direction of the current path. However, this can only usually take place when the Soul accepts their transgressions and can learn from it. Perhaps when the shoe is on the other foot it can help one to learn a lesson in a direct way?

A good analogy is when someone is wrongfully convicted of a crime despite no actual evidence against them. The appeal process is not always straightforward, and often cases will only be heard with new evidence. You can try and appeal, look for legal loopholes, and other ways to get a conviction overturned, but nothing is guaranteed. There are a number of people who are innocent who have life sentences, or are even on death row in some countries. Some get posthumous pardons, decades, and even centuries later after their death whether it be from natural causes or through an execution. Look at the Salem Witch Trials (1692) where some convictions were overturned and others weren’t until several centuries later, most recently less than two decades ago in 2001. In 2013, thousands who had been convicted of homosexual offences in the UK received posthumous pardons. You see, Karma and Fate act when the right conditions are available, similar to the above where homosexuality was no longer considered a criminal offence and pardons were possible.

Even when Karma is in motion, there is no guarantee the parties involved will learn the anticipated lessons either. It’s not the role of Karma to ensure that, but merely to create the opportunities and circumstances for the parties concerned. Patience isn’t my strong point, but with Karma and Fate that’s all you can do, while also trying to remain free of thoughts of revenge. I know it’s hard when you watch others appear to get away with things, but remember that is transitory.

The worst you could do is attempt your own forms of justice, or get angry and whine at Karma. Neither will speed up the process to help you. The former because if you do have thoughts of revenge (whether or not you act on them) it reduces the level of karmic debt owed, and thus when there is a smaller amount to be repaid, it will often be bundled in with other adverse karmic debt or used to offset any adverse karma that is generated. Thus, you probably won’t see the karmic debt repaid due to your own actions.

Whining and demanding Karma to act is like watching a spoilt child demanding something, and all it does is create a negative vibe. What do you do when a toddler demands something they aren’t entitled to? You turn the other cheek and ignore them and let them wait until last. If you demand or expect something when you have no right, why do you feel entitled to do so? Put yourself in the other shoes and how would you react?

Karma and Fate work at the most unexpected times, and often at a subconscious level so you aren’t even aware of them. You may not see the fruits of Karma in this incarnation, but sometimes it maybe instant. The laws of nature work alongside the Spiritual Realm, and as time doesn’t exist on their planes it is only a concept humanity is obsessed with. Surely it’s better for adverse karma to be repaid fully than a bit here and there? Karma is also proactive, for your own actions, thoughts and intents determine the level of karmic debt owed to you or that you need to repay. You can try and fool yourself, but don’t forget Karma takes no sides or judges if you think you have generated no karmic debt. We all do at some point, but it can be repaid with honest thoughts, even if it means owning up to mistakes and less than kind thoughts. Being honest with yourself means that conditions around your karmic issues will be more favorable, and thus that means you may see karmic debt repaid to you directly and more speedily.

To recap; there is no timeframe set for Karma or Fate to work; don’t attempt revenge as that will offset any karmic debt owed, and don’t whine or demand Karma to act, because that negative mindset with a level of entitlement will delay and may even halt any karmic debt owed. Be patient even though it’s hard at times, and trust in the power of Karma for as and when it acts, it is indeed more powerful than you can imagine.

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