Responsibilities and Worries ~ Are They Normal?

One of my pet peeves is when I read other spiritual folks saying there is no need to worry about anything because Spirit will sort everything out and provide for you. Now I know this is not completely true for many reasons, and it’s this kind of talk that confuses people and gives them a false sense of security in that if all goes wrong, then Spirit will swoop in and sort it all out. First of all, Spirit can intervene and sort things out, but not all of the time and nope, you don’t get to pick and choose when you get the help either. It also is a false representation of Spirituality and I know some may disagree with me, but people often opt for a spiritual path unbeknownst that with the good also comes the rough times. It also means people will act rashly and do things thinking if it goes wrong it doesn’t matter as Spirit will help them. That is not the case and if you think that, you will be sorely disappointed at some stage.

So am I on about physical realm worries and responsibilities or spiritual ones? Well, actually both when you are an Old or Ancient Soul. While some say worrying is a negative trait, it exists nonetheless as it allows us to question ourselves whether it’s a motive or whether we have behaved morally or not. Younger souls tend to have little responsibility or worries on both realms, and that’s how you can often tell what Soul Age they are. Even Old Souls who don’t worry will act with caution and exude subtle responsibility because it’s second nature to them. The gung ho ones are usually Young or Mature Souls that haven’t encountered some of the more difficult lessons that will lead to them becoming more responsible.

We all encounter physical realm responsibilities at some stage, even if it’s keeping an eye on a sibling, or making sure you called home if you’re going to be late. It’s how seriously one takes responsibility that matters, and I have always taken mine seriously, and maybe too seriously because I don’t like to let people down. As for worries, sometimes we can’t help it, especially if you have morals and ethics you will question your actions and worry whether or not you did or said the right thing. Many of us have financial worries, and sometimes less is best. Trying to keep your head above water is a worry, and no you can’t always sit back and expect Spirit to provide . One person on a forum told me to do such a thing and obviously I didn’t take the advice, and those are often the words behind those who are in cults. I advocate a healthy balance of having faith and being proactive in helping yourself, because Spirit will help only when you have made an effort yourself.

On a spiritual level I do have responsibilities, and at times it can be challenging balancing them with physical realm ones. First of all I have a responsibility to myself to be the best I can be, and to help others through guiding them or physically helping them when they cross my path. By now I know people cross my path for a reason, and while I have free will to decline to help, I know that usually I am their only hope and my conscience won’t allow me to turn my back on them. I also have spirits that have transitioned that ask me for help, and once I accept I feel I have a responsibility to see their case through whether it’s closure, or to find something out for them.

I do worry though about things, but it’s on a personal level. I worry whether I’ve let my charges down, or did I do enough or should I have helped earlier on? I also worry about my own growth and when confronted with doing the right thing, I don’t always want to do it even though I know it is right. That is the conflict within when you know what you ought to do and think, but you don’t feel it because of prejudice or because you don’t feel someone deserves your help. Of course I know that one must help with genuine intent, and it’s rare for me to feel anything other than that, but there have been a few times I have chosen not to help, because I sacrifice my own time and energy to help others that don’t appreciate it. One must put one’s own health first too, mental and physical and recently I’ve not been taking care of myself and it has caught up with me.

I take both spiritual and physical realm responsibilities seriously, and more recently spiritual ones more so because physical realm ones are limited and will end at some point. Spiritual ones are eternal, and are consistent although there are peaks and troughs when you least anticipate them. Maybe I worry unnecessarily, but that is for me to deal with. I worry because I know I can be better than I am, but I do have obstacles that conflict with my morals and responsibilities. One is never quite as free as they wish to be, which is why I say free will exists but is limited not only by circumstances but also by how much responsibility you have on both realms. I worry that as a Guide I have failed some charges, even though I know they are responsible for whatever path they followed.

I worry too that spiritually humanity is destroying itself and I should be doing more to help save it. Yet I know I cannot; all I can do for now is voice my concerns and allow those who wish to read what I say to do so. Responsibilities and worries go hand in hand, for when you are responsible, you will always worry about your choice of actions and whether they were good enough. To me, as long as you have done your best and with genuine intent then you shouldn’t worry, but for those with a conscience they probably always will worry, even if if it’s for a nanosecond.

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