When A Soul Can’t Hear Their Guides

I’m going to be honest here, when I first heard that Souls have Guides I took it with a huge grain of salt. It’s not that I didn’t believe it, but at that point in my life (a teenager) I didn’t feel the need or see the point of them. However, I did believe in Fate and that there are Powers that watch over us even if I didn’t know exactly what or who they are.

We do all have Guides, but that doesn’t mean we should rely on them during an incarnation, but look to them only when we aren’t sure about things or need reassurance. Many people, in fact the majority will never consciously know their Guides, or even connect with them and to be honest that’s not a bad thing either. You may ask why, and that’s because Guides are supposed to work silently in the background. That’s one reason why I’m not an advocate of spiritual folks who tell others to always speak to their Guides and ask them everything as that is not what they are there for. They are there to help guide you when you aren’t sure of your path, or if you are on a path that doesn’t serve you well, to steer you in an alternative direction. They are not there to tell you want to do for those who want to take short cuts.

So what happens when a Soul is on a wrong path and they can’t hear their Guides? I’ve touched upon this in other articles where there are ‘Step In Guides’ and ‘Earth Angels’ that can come and assist, but what if they can’t get the message through? Not everyone can connect to their Higher Self, and when a Soul is low they are often confused and can’t hear anyone. Sometimes the Guides may give advice that is too passive, and that’s why each Soul has a number of Guides, all of whom have a different way of communicating. In times when the Guides cannot be heard, that is when the Guides of members of the Soul Group can then convey messages as they are often on the same frequency.

Spirit communication is difficult to explain as it’s not quite like a phone call because you get part of a message in abstract form, whether it’s in an image format or a series of words. However, in situations where Step In Guides don’t work, or Guides of the Soul Group members can’t be heard, then what? All Guides have mentors, and the mentor Guides are mentored in turn by the Elders and Ancient Souls. It’s rare to have to call upon Elders to intervene or to seek advice, because it defeats the purpose of the Guides who are gaining experience to deal with situations.

It’s a little like a teacher who deals with a disruptive pupil, but their actions amount to nothing. They then refer the situation to the head of the department (mentor Guide), however that doesn’t work either. As a last resort the Principal is then asked to intervene. So you can see it’s a rare occurrence as a teacher and a head of department have experience to handle situations, but the Principal is there to support the head of the department and teachers, but only as and when necessary.

In the case of the Spirit Realm, all Guides may seek assistance, but some may choose not to and hope to solve their situations alone so they can evolve to the next stage. On the physical plane some refer to it as getting their wings, but in fact all Guides have wings, but they vary in size according to their experience. The larger the wings (experience) the Guide has access to higher frequencies (Ancient and Old Souls) which means they have can hear more information and with more clarity. Now that doesn’t mean they should be sharing it with their charges, but they should use this to enable them to protect their charge and help them make the best choices on their paths.

When this is abused by some Guides (they divulge too much, or information that they shouldn’t have given) then their wings are clipped so they can no longer access the higher frequencies. It’s a little like a cellphone that has roaming that you can use anywhere, but when wings are clipped, it means only domestic calls can be made or received, or in extreme cases only incoming calls because of excessive or inappropriate use. Only Elders make this decision (which can be temporary) when interventions by the mentor Guides fail and innocents are harmed as a consequence. This then allows the Guides in question, time to find a solution to the issues. A mere clipping of the wings doesn’t solve the situation but prevents harm. Elders do not interfere in the Soul Lessons that that the Soul Group have opted for and that their Guides have helped them plan. It changes nothing except that the Guide must work harder to communicate with their charge.

In extreme cases when a Soul cannot hear their Guides or has blocked them, an Elder or mentor Guide can attempt to communicate with them, however, when a Soul is lost or confused it can be frightening, and they may not take notice of the message or misunderstand it. Therefore, it can take time, and like all messages it is up to the Soul to decide if they wish to listen and take the advice. When Soul Group members choose to incarnate together, there will be lessons that require suffering and discomfort and those are agreed beforehand. Guides do not interfere with those lessons, but may intervene if those being harmed did not agree before the incarnation. This is when Fate enters and the Elders will give permission. While Fate is neutral, it acts swiftly with a purpose; that is to correct the paths of those who have strayed.

I don’t mean to scare anyone, but Spirit has the power to force change when necessary, and I have personally encountered this because I resisted the paths that I could have chosen. In hindsight it was fear; fear of the unknown, and fear of how I would cope, and a fear of what others thought of me. In the end I had to face all those fears anyhow and it was hard and painful.

My spiritual work is in a bid to help people to see the signs, and to choose the best path even if they are afraid (the safe one isn’t always the best one, but is often the easiest) so they don’t have to go through the extremes I did. That wasn’t my destined path, but it was necessary to put me back on the path I had planned. Deep down I knew it, but fears of mortgage payments and my employment status (physical realm practicalities) deterred me from pursing the path I had seen and was been pushed towards. In the end Spirit took drastic action, no matter how hard I tried to fight things. It’s not that I gave up, but I had to accept the reasons for their actions, for I would not have written either of these blogs or the books to help guide others had it not been for their enforced actions.

Yet, I am reminded if a Soul still opts not to listen to their Guides or the Elders, then either Spirit will intervene with swift and drastic action, or the Soul will amass karmic debts that will affect their Soul Group from their choice of actions. Soul Lessons are a choice, and with choices one must accept the consequences of their actions whatever the outcome. You cannot force a Soul to listen, or to act, but the Spirit Realm has a duty of care to protect innocents who did not agree to be part of the Soul Lesson, and that is an additional lesson for the Soul who chooses not to listen or who can’t hear their Guides will learn.

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