Why Names Aren’t Important In The Spirit Realm

People often ask for names when they are contacting spirits for reassurance, however, names aren’t actually that important or even accurate most of the time. Why? Throughout our incarnations we have had millions of names, and so if you are looking to contact a Soul, asking for them by name isn’t necessarily wholly accurate. A good reader will say, “In that lifetime they will have been known as…” and maybe use a nickname, or use initials because that incarnation is passed, and the Soul has already began to focus on the next stages.

This is why I stress the importance of learning to trust your intuition and not what you hear. From this you will know if the Soul is the one you wish to connect with, or if there is no bond (some spirits just try to sneak in). A name may help you only when you can’t figure out who is contacting you in situations such as an open session where a reader selects whom to read for. This happened to me when a reader said someone called Marilyn had been trying to contact me and that I knew her at school. I never knew a Marilyn, but I did have a friend called Meredith who had been murdered and who I know I had been trying to get a connection with. We didn’t go to school together, but when I met her she was at school and was murdered while she was a student. It didn’t twig at first, but as the reader had been accurate on other things, the penny dropped a few days later as with imagery the reader may have seen her as student and assumed we were at school together. In instances where you call a spirit forward, they can confirm who they are with information only known to both Souls, therefore names have little relevance.

Some readers like to have a photo and that’s useful for remote healing for someone, but when a person is doing a one on one reading, they shouldn’t need a photo because they should be able to access the Higher Self from the interactions already made and because permission has been given. Whenever I do readings I ask for the date, time, and place of birth because that can pinpoint a Soul, because names are one thing, but a date, time, and place of birth is individual and is also the moment the Soul has decided to reincarnate and so is more powerful.

Other readers like to hold a personal object to connect to the Soul and that is much better than asking for a name because whatever we touch, part of the Soul Essence will have transferred onto it. Items such as a watch, or a hairbrush that aren’t shared will hold more of the Soul Essence and allows a reader to hone in on the Soul more readily. This is why Sensitives must be careful around secondhand items especially glass or mirrors (portals) as they may contain the energies of the previous owners, and as we know some energies are negative.

I have never asked for the name of my Guides, although I know one and that’s because a friend who was assisting me asked for the name. I don’t see the need as Guides are distinctive in how they appear and how they choose to communicate with you. Some are in a hurry, others like to use vivid images, and others may show messages in other ways such as using books, smells, numbers, or other signs that may have meaning to you. At one point I would find books that fell off the shelf randomly, and they were books that I needed to read. In one place I stayed at, I smelled vodka or gin ( or a strong spirit) each morning, and I thought it was my friend downstairs, but when she went away for a few days the smell was still there. I never figured out the meaning, but I have a feeling it was my friend’s father who had recently passed and who wanted to see who I was as a new friend staying with her.

It’s hard to explain, but when I do feel the spirit of someone near me I focus more on what they are wishing to convey rather than to ask them their name. Also many during their incarnation may not have liked their name and used a nickname or just don’t answer to it. I personally don’t like my name and rarely answer to it. You can sense the character of a spirit and also their intentions because there are negative spirits around, and that is why a name should not make you feel complacent that it is the correct spirit you are communicating with. This often happens with spirit boards (I don’t use them and encourage others never to use them) because no one usually asks for negative spirits to come forward, and they take the opportunity to jump in once a portal is opened. A portal is opened each time a connection to the spirit realm is sought, whether it be to meditate or to contact a spirit. Once the message has been received or even if there was no answer, or when the meditation is over, the portal must be closed. It’s similar to making a phone call; you must hang up, or switch off the phone after the call, even if no one answers otherwise the line remains open.

When contacting spirits, you do need to ensure you have connected to the correct one, and that’s why mediums often describe spirits they see rather than give a name because there are many with the same name. If you’ve ever watched a medium work in a live audience, because people sit so closely together it’s hard to distinguish who the spirit is wishing to communicate with hence they describe the spirit they see.  Learn to trust what you feel when Guides or spirits are around you, and if there is negative energy block it for the intent is rarely good.

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