The Dangers of Digging Up Past Lives

Whether you believe in past lives and reincarnation, the fact remains it’s big business these days with people offering courses in how to regress yourself, to numerous people proffering services for regression sessions. I too was fascinated, I mean we all would like to know who we were before, and hope that we were good, clever, and famous folks, and while it is likely to have happened at some point, we all have to experience incarnations that aren’t as comfortable too, for that is how the Soul learns. I am going to state now, regressing yourself with no guidance can be dangerous!

However, no one really talks about the dangers of digging up your past lives, and I went in with the philosophy if I managed to cope back then, I’ll be fine now. I now realize how idealistic and green that is having had a couple of regressions and having dealt with the aftermath. You see, if you need to know what happened in a past life because it’s a karmic issue you are resolving in this incarnation then you will be shown it. Other past lives that have no relevance in the present incarnation will be held back, a little like an archived folder on your laptop. Quite simply, the information is there, but doesn’t need to be accessed and is filed away.

What can go wrong, and how can information harm you? Surely you can take it with a pinch of salt as entertainment right? That’s what I thought too, but spiritual matters are not things to be dabbled with despite the disclaimers; opening portals and reopening wounds is not wise or sensible and has consequences.

To give you an analogy, it’s like someone being told not to look into the family tree, but they persist out of curiosity despite blocks to prevent them searching. They have had a happy life with loving parents and and no drama, and have a good relationship with their family. However, they decide to dig, and discover the grandmother was a victim of incest when things didn’t add up. This then ruins the relationship between the grandmother and the rest of the family, and the mother has a breakdown and ends up divorcing the father. The point is they didn’t need to know the information and as a result harmed others in the process, and ended up doubting themselves and became stuck on their path, which led to depression.

Unearthing past lives that should have remained archived can cause problems in the incarnation because they can reopen scars that had already healed. Imagine you have a wound that has healed, it gets reopened again by accident, and takes longer to heal the next time around. Healing on the spiritual realm is intense and is much faster compared to the physical realm, therefore, a reopened wound may not even heal properly on the physical realm.

This can also lead to emotional confusion, where memories are triggered that should have also remained archived in the Akashic Records. It can lead to Souls veering off their planned path and also disconnecting from Soul Group members in a bid to seek answers. An example would be to pursue a connection with a Soul Group member who was a spouse in a past life due the triggered memory. This then leads to them failing to connect with the planned connection, and thus other Soul Group members may not be born or make their connections.

Another danger is unearthing past lives where the Soul had suffered a traumatic death, as this is often associated with Soul Fragment loss. The memory is triggered when it shouldn’t have been, and as a result the fragment leaves the Soul to heal. Losing Soul Fragments is real, and not pleasant at all and therefore I write this to warn others of the dangers.

The problem is that there are many inexperienced readers who do not know what not to reveal. Opening a portal means they can see things, but not the whole picture, and giving fragments can create more confusion. Rarely when a regression is carried out will there be a clear picture like a movie. Instead there are screenshots, and an image here and there and also they aren’t in any consecutive order, which can seem more confusing. Images also blend into one another which creates more confusion, and that is when a past life is shown, that Spirit and the Higher Self did not sanction. More experienced readers will be shown the information, but they will be warned not to divulge the information, and will steer the sitter away from things. This is to protect them and to ensure they remain on the correct path in the incarnation in order to evolve.

When you dig up past lives that were traumatic, the Soul may retreat once that memory is triggered and that can cause blocks on the current path. Old wounds may suddenly reappear (physical) or vulnerable areas of the body, for example if in a previous life you were strangled, you may have problems with breathing. Some of you may think it can be a coincidence, but that’s why you shouldn’t dabble with past lives that are not shown naturally to you. My philosophy is if you need to know, you will be shown. Do not seek things out of curiosity as the consequences can lead to blocked paths, confusion, and harm to others.

Regression should come with a warning label, because while it can help release some blockages, there is never any guarantee. Even Shamans cannot guarantee to retrieval lost fragments for they must be healed first (no point returning still damaged) and also they must want to return. This is where digging up past lives can make a difference because it opens up the old memories and wounds, which then can freeze the Soul hence why a Soul may feel blocked. It’s like picking at an old scar and in the process you end up infecting it and making it worse than if you had left it alone.

Spirit often cautions against delving into past lives, and this has happened to me. I wanted to know about a prior life where there was some residual wounding, but was told to leave it alone by another reader. Part of me wanted to know and believed I would be able to handle whatever it was, and also I believe the truth can make you stronger. Yet, there was something telling me to trust that reader (also the tone of her voice) and it was my Higher Self that said to leave it. I had learned from that experience and didn’t need to know any more. I listened and took heed of the advice (though still curious), and as the healing was the neck area, I assumed it involved death by hanging or something traumatic.

Remember, it’s what you need to know and not what you want to know that will be revealed to you. If the signs are there to prevent to looking, they are there for a reason. While I realize some readers may sell their services as healing, they can’t make that claim when they have no idea what they are unearthing. Do you really need to know you were executed or sacrificed in a past life, as that is a possible scenario, or if you did some wicked deeds that you had already atoned for? The evolving Soul does not need to be reminded as these distract them from the goals they have planned for the incarnation. I accept knowing some past lives can give closure, but only when the time is right, and your Higher Self will let you know when that is.

In terms of my own experiences with regressions, my first one yielded nothing. If Spirit does not wish to show you, or the time is not right, or if that knowledge serves no purpose in the current incarnation, the information will be withheld. In short, I didn’t need to know, and what I wanted to know wasn’t deemed relevant. Deep down I already knew the answer and wanted confirmation, but what I have learned is sometimes we need to trust our instinct rather than to chase proof. I prefer to have proof, but what can you define as proof as we all have our own definitions? In the past I have asked Spirit for proof and they have shown me (sometimes), but I also realize there is no point to keep on asking time after time. It’s like a spouse constantly saying, ‘Prove you love me,’ and it’s not necessary as proof comes in other forms rather than deliberate actions.

Trust any past life memories will be shown to you (good and bad) when they are necessary, and that includes feeling familiar in specific locations. The potential consequences of digging up unnecessary past life memories can lead to blockages and trauma in extreme cases, and very often confusion. Curiosity isn’t a bad thing, but be wise in what you seek and how you seek it. My advice is to listen to your Higher Self, for if they warn not to look, they have a good reason and a vested interest as that is part of your Soul. We learn from the past, and once that lesson has been achieved, then we move on to the next advanced lesson, and in the Akashic Book of Records we move forward with that subconscious knowledge. Quite simply put, you don’t need to retake that exam or pour over what you could have or should have done, unless you have chosen and planned to retake it.


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