The Difference Between Divine Intervention and Magick

How do you know if an act was a spiritual one or a magickal one? It’s down to  intent (why do you want or need something?), but also what the Guides think is appropriate, so there can never be a definitive answer. There is a fine line between asking for spiritual assistance and receiving it, and invoking magick to assist. Even ‘good’ magick is frowned upon, but perhaps one can look at it as divine intervention instead? What is acceptable as a spiritual request? Asking Spirit to help you make the right choice, or maybe asking for someone ill to recover are examples where they can assist, where magick will have no effect.

Neither are guaranteed, because spiritual acts are a joint decision between Guides and the Higher Self, because sometimes interventions are required to rebalance acts whether we are conscious of them or not. Magick on the other hand denotes a desire for an outcome that does have personal gain issues. Even if you use a third party, the act is still deemed to be selfish.

Magick, whether it be a ritual, spell, or using a Law of Attraction technique to manifest things, the intent is still selfish because of personal gain. Even things such as getting that promotion you had your eye on, or the house you wanted to buy is a desired selfish outcome. The difference in asking Spirit to aid you is that they will help if it will be useful to your incarnation and Soul Goals. For example, you want to buy that house you have your heart set on, but it’s not straightforward. Spirit may assist because a member of your Soul Group with whom you have a contract with will be moving next door shortly, and that is how you will meet and connect. Obviously you won’t know this, but this is how Spirit works, when something occurs and later on you discover there was perhaps a reason for it.

However, with the use of magick, that is a choice that the Soul makes for personal reasons to make their life better or to gain an advantage. People may say it does no harm, but think about it, why do you need magick to make you happy or to get the things you desire? The harm you are doing can lead to unrealistic expectations, and for some arrogance later on with a faux sense of power and control. We all do have have limited control over our lives, but magick for gain is not why it exists.

Magick exists to help heal and aid those in need, who need a helping hand to get back on their path. Often spiritual intervention will occur, but magick sometimes is needed to help the spiritual world, and that is why some people have those gifts and they are given the responsibility to use them wisely. Sometimes magick can be used to save people or prevent incidents, but if it was fated to be, then it will still occur. Any disruption in the forces of nature will be rebalanced if magick was used without permission from The Powers That Be.

Spiritual intervention is always to help a Soul on their path in their incarnation. Some may argue that Spirit will help by rewarding Souls who have helped others, and I like to think that too, but no. Recently I won a competition of a £500 voucher spend on a store and I felt Spirit had given me the prize to help me feel as if the spiritual work I was doing was worthwhile and useful because I had been tired and getting a little annoyed that my own goals were on hold for others. You may not think that’s spiritual, but I am no martyr or saint and never pretended to be.

The thing is I haven’t even used the prize, and I told Spirit what’s the point of my buying nice things when I have nowhere to put them or nice clothes when I have nowhere to wear them. They went silent, but I know they meant well and wanted me to feel worthy, but I’m not materialistic even though I like nice things (who doesn’t). That’s because Spirit took everything away from me and left me with not a lot, so I have gotten used to not having much now (that’s another issue, where I accept what has happened and why, but it doesn’t mean I like it). Maybe it’s a reminder that I don’t need things, even though I am able to have them? I know some may read this and think I haven’t learned my spiritual lesson from this, but I have. You can learn, and not have to be airy fairy grateful to Spirit for providing a lesson, it’s like a tough Chemistry teacher who gives you a hard time and extra work so you pass your exams. While you understand why they take that action, it doesn’t mean you necessarily like or enjoy it, but accept it.

There are times we hope for spiritual intervention when there are things that no one wants or likes, such as war, a dictatorial leader, or a sibling who is in a relationship with a fraud and a gold digger. In these circumstances, it is hoped all the Guides involved will work together to do what is in the best interests of the parties involved and work with the Soul Goals of each in mind. Despite what we desire for others, it is their lessons and their choice, and therefore magick in these instances will not work.

Neither magick or spiritual intervention can be explained or proven, but the latter works in strange ways and for a reason whether we realize it or not. If something is fated to be, then magick is unnecessary, yet people like control and have been led to believe it’s acceptable to use ‘white’ magick to gain an advantage. Numerous books, websites, and magazines will tell you it’s fine to use, but it’s not in my book. Trying to use rituals and spells to control and alter the course of things for your own gain goes against the natural order. You are creating an imbalance and be honest, isn’t what you doing selfish because it’s what you want to happen? That is not what magick was intended for, and this can lead to the use of gray and black magick when those boundaries get pushed further towards the dark side. You may ask why do people such as I have magickal gifts and not use them? They are so that we can recognize those who use magick for the wrong reasons, and to protect those who are being harmed or manipulated, or at least try to.

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One thought on “The Difference Between Divine Intervention and Magick

  1. Nhlanhla

    thanks for article Ava.
    Our lives are like nature its self.all the harmonies around us balance themselves.Some times spirit doesn’t intercede directly because particle lessons need to be learned.In time of vissiccitudes we a thrust in unsavory situations to discover the wholesomeness of nature and the tools within.


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