Why Spirituality Can Be Dangerous In The Wrong Hands

I was so alarmed by what I saw recently that I felt compelled to write this, and I just hope inexperienced people who dabble in the supernatural and spiritual matters read this and realize that their actions may cause harm. I came across a Facebook post where I read someone was having issues with ‘losing time’, and asked for advice. This is when  some of us can feel that time has passed when we cross dimensions, and it’s not unusual to feel that way when you are accessing other dimensions whether in your sleep or not. Time is not relative and it only exists on the physical realm and once you grasp this, you realize its insignificance. I’m usually more concerned about my lack of sleep and how tired I am when this occurs than what happened to the time frame.

What was surprising was the post was from someone who was running a business as a medium and offering readings in past life regressions. The danger is that she clearly is not responsible enough to do this for others if she was unaware of the concept of time across dimensions. That’s one reason why I no longer advise people to seek past life readings, even though I used to have them myself. I can now see the dangers when readers say they can tap into your past lives, but with it they may unearth things that should have remained buried. There are too many inexperienced readers that can cause more harm to both parties, and an abundance of courses telling you how to become a reader.

I took a quick glance at her page and I saw more things that concerned me such as a certificate in demonology. I really thought it was a joke post along the lines of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but it wasn’t. She went on to say she got 100% and knew the names of all the demons, knows how to banish them etc., and it was really a piece of paper signed by who knows what authority (apparently a paranormal society!). The bottom line is you cannot study demonology (many in history will not be known or recorded), and while ‘demons’ do exist, it’s not like an episode of Supernatural where they all have names and traits you can figure out.

There is NO authority that can certify anyone as a psychic, reiki healer, demonologist, witch, healer, in fact anything spiritual. Yes, there are places that help to train those with gifts, but they should not be handing out certificates either. Having a piece of paper doesn’t mean you have the skills, for we all know gifts can be taken away at any given time.

Anyone that considers the importance of courses and certificates, take with caution with because a true gifted spiritual person doesn’t need either. One problem is people with some sensitivity choose to use it as a business, and often wish to learn more and gain skills. Sadly spiritual gifts aren’t like learning how to bake, where you acquire new techniques and methods. Gifts are part of you where you learn how to use them (or not) through your Guides and Higher Self, because no one can truly know the skills you possess. To be honest having powerful skills is actually quite scary, and so you won’t find someone with those kinds of skills advertising it as a business.

I consider the reader in question to be too inexperienced to be offering readings as a service when they aren’t strong enough or have the knowledge to fully understand things. Apparently she does lots of ghost hunts, and visits houses with spirits, but I find these kinds of things aren’t wise either. Yes, they are entertainment on television, but having lived in several homes with spirits, it really is not something to take so light hearted. No matter how protected you are, there are all kinds of spirits around us (good and bad) and learning how to summon either is not something I advise, as they can latch onto a person without realizing. While we may ask a spirit a question and to respond to us, it doesn’t mean we need to summon their presence, unless there is a valid reason. Once attached, it is hard to remove them and that is another danger in using the services of an inexperienced sensitive. Let’s just say I am speaking from experience and at the time I thought I was experienced. I learned that I had much more to learn.

I now realize that readings aren’t always necessary, maybe just a message here and there can help with closure or to choose the right path, but sometimes we want to feel we are in control. The fact is we are, but what we chose before incarnation and what we feel we want on the physical realm can be two very different things. As for past life regressions, they are only helpful for those with blockages and only if they have attempted to resolve them alone first. Do you really want to know how your prior lives died and the poor choices and bad things they did? Ask yourself, how does that help you in your daily life or enrich you spiritually? I do hope this sensitive sticks to ghost hunting as a hobby and stops reading for others, as ghost hunters tend to have lots of negative energy attached to them without them realizing. This is turn means those energies feed off the sensitive and also those whom they read for, and that is dangerous too.

A healthy interest and curiosity in the spiritual and supernatural is all fine and good, but to take a course and assume you are an expert and have knowledge is wrong. No one is truly an expert because even the most experienced (some say advanced) don’t know everything, and they can only teach and guide others from what they have learned. Dabbling in spiritual matters can be dangerous, when someone is inexperienced, and they really shouldn’t be offering services to others when they could create irreparable harm that is invisible to the naked eye, and that may manifest later on. Again, I talk from experience even though those involved were ‘experienced’ it goes to show, even they are not immune to the forceful powers of spirituality. No one is, so respect the laws of Spirituality and take what is given and do not seek what you don’t need to know.

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