Why You Can’t Figure Everything Out

Some expect spiritual folks to have all the answers, and there are some that think they have them, especially ones that channel through guides. One thing I have always known since childhood is that we cannot know or figure out the reasons for everything for certain. Even Old or Ancient Souls don’t have all the answers and those who have their information through guides can’t figure everything out. Why? Because there isn’t a definitive answer, and often people choose answers that suit them rather than the actual ones.

I get annoyed when people say they have the answers because their guide told them, or they quote a celebrity psychic, so of course it must be right. Guides are all at different stages (beginner, intermediate, and advanced), therefore not all will have the same knowledge or will interpret things differently. I once answered a question on a forum, but the OP wasn’t actually interested in answers or other theories; they merely wanted a platform to voice their beliefs. I did call them out on this and they admitted it, but then asked what was wrong with that. Now if you have to ask what is wrong with it then you need to go back to Spiritual Lessons 001. Spirituality is not about ego and wanting to preach, nor is it to mislead in order to gain an audience. If those are your intentions when asking a question or to open a discussion then I suggest you rethink your actions.

I’ve come to accept that we cannot always figure out why things happen; is it Fate, Karma, or Destiny? It could be all three, but irrespective only certain Souls are given the knowledge as to why things transpired because that will give them closure, but for others it means that things are not quite finished and thus you cannot have an answer until the entire question has been asked. Some maybe impatient, but as a Soul’s existence is eternal, these issues and goals my go on for several incarnations and as you inch closer to the solution you may recall similar incidents from former lives, which is why you may begin to figure things out slowly. For example, how can you have a final report when you are still working on a job?

Figuring things out has one of two results; closure of karmic issues, or a Soul Goal or lesson has been learned. As many of us do not achieve either quickly or necessarily in a single incarnation, most Souls will be seeking answers to things they have not yet completed. Again, a Soul will not necessarily know if they have rebalanced all the adverse karma they had planned or when, therefore they cannot have closure although some may do so if they are in their final incarnation as I am. Soul Goals span many incarnations, although some maybe shorter depending on the level that the Soul wishes to attain. Only then will they truly understand and figure out why something occurred, thus they will have learned a Soul Lesson from whatever happened.

We evolve and learn more on our journey than at the end, so bear that in mind rather than trying to figure things out when you are still in fact on the journey. Take it from me, even when you figure things out there can be a small sense of relief, but also it can make you rethink some of the choices you made or what your thoughts were at the time. I don’t have all the answers and I never pretend to have them all. I have some knowledge, and other things I have concepts and theories that I base around my knowledge.

Each Soul is individual, therefore deep within the Higher Self always has the answers. It stores that knowledge and the Soul will see it at the appropriate time, so the answers always lie within. Don’t rush something that you aren’t ready for, as the Higher Self will know the right time to reveal all to you. You know what you need to know and not what you want to know, because knowing what you don’t need can actually hinder growth! We aren’t supposed to understand everything or to figure it all out because an incarnation is an ongoing learning process, but we figure out more when we fall and make mistakes, which is why it’s not a bad thing as long as we learn from them.

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