Sensitivity To Negativity

When I first heard the term Sensitive I didn’t really understand it and thought it was an insult when someone called me a Sensitive. In fact it was an acknowledgment of a gift. People assume it means someone who is weak, or who is easily hurt, but spiritually it means someone who is sensitive to the other realms and dimensions around them—that they can hear, see, and feel things that others cannot. Positive and negative energies surrounds us at all times, and often we can choose to ignore the negative, but when it’s extreme it can feel like a sudden sting. To a Sensitive it can hit them like a sudden minus temperature frost on the face (or a mosquito bite), while positive energy brings with it an aura of calm and serenity like a morning ray of sunshine. As humans one can only react accordingly.

I was having a reading, one that was eye opening when the reader exclaimed that I was extremely sensitive. When you don’t have spiritual friends or read lots of books, you don’t always know the jargon for certain things, but I gathered what was meant by the intonation of my reader’s voice, but I still didn’t fully understand the importance of it all until much later. I naturally assumed all people have these senses, and some just choose not to use them.

There is no guidebook on how to figure out how to control or block your sensitivity; it’s a case of learning as you go and choosing your own boundaries. It’s hard to try and explain what sensitivity is or feels like when it’s something you just know, but is more than intuition. We can use our intuition to decide what is right or wrong, where our Guides can also help out. As a Sensitive you are aware of all around you whether you want to know or not. Naturally you can learn to block negativity, but you will still have that initial sense before making that choice. What does it feel like to be a Sensitive? Basically, you automatically sense and can differentiate between the positive and negative energies around you, be it a Soul, place, or object. Some can also see and hear messages without any prompting at random times, even when they are not for themselves. Being a Sensitive can be scary, tiring, and and also confusing at times. It’s a gift, but one that isn’t what all the books make it out to be.

Often that sensitivity can lead you to say and do things as a knee jerk reaction unintentionally, or they can elicit emotional responses that may seem out of character. As my sensitivity grows, I have had to be more aware of how to react. Of course, a Sensitive can sense good and kind people, but when faced with negative and dark people that is more challenging. They will also sense that you will have power and know what they are hiding, and to them that is a threat—that someone knows what lies beneath the mask.

It’s for that reason, many Sensitives prefer to be alone, or choose their company with great care, and not only because a negative person may try and absorb their power, but because seeing the truth can be tiring and unpleasant. Recently, I’ve encountered more subtle negative issues, especially in regards to items that are secondhand or that have been given as gifts. I love secondhand clothes and books, but am very wary of the energies that they carry. Once I was browsing in an antique hall, and while fascinating it was draining. I could sense when and how items had been used, so could tell the genuine from the replicas, but also if there was negative energy attached to the item.

My sibling gave me a gift; it was a book. Now, as a certified bookworm, there aren’t many books out there that people can buy for me that I would want, because I can buy them for myself. It was a book by someone who I dislike and loathe (their attitude and their beliefs), and I couldn’t help but express my angst. To top it all, it had been personally signed. Most people would be happy, but the negative energy it contained (because the author had signed it with a dedication) made it worse. I couldn’t sleep with the book in my bedroom, nor would I put it on my bookcase as it would contaminate my other books. That’s how important energy is! I ended up putting it under some old rags in the hall cupboard. I would sell it if I could to be honest to get rid of it, but it also reminded me that no one really understands me or knows me. It’s not a problem for me, as I accepted I was going to be misunderstood from childhood, therefore, I don’t expect much when people do give me gifts, but I try not to appear ungrateful.

When I have rented properties previously, I could always sense whether the landlord was going to be a problem, and if their energies would impact my own. In one case, the landlady had many artifacts—ones that carried negative energy. I never felt comfortable in the room they were displayed in, and her dogs would bark in the room for no reason. When she asked if she could use my storage unit to store items, it was on the condition that none of those artifacts would be stored. The negative energy would cling to my own belongings and transfer to me, and that is not a wise thing. I doubt many people will understand this and see this as over the top, but for those who are highly sensitive, it’s paramount to avoid negative energies attached to items if possible.

I’ve also felt negativity in hotel rooms, and I will check a room before I unpack and often will ask to change a room until I feel comfortable. On a few occasions where I have been a house guest, I have sensed negativity in the home and end up not sleeping. I’ve only realized this in hindsight, but these occurrences are fortunately in the minority. It’s the same as sleeping in the bedroom where a partner’s former lover may have slept. That energy lingers and transfers, and it’s not a wise idea if you are a Sensitive to sleep in the same room, let alone bed. An ex of mine went along with my requests, and we ended up sleeping on a sofa bed in the lounge instead of the bedroom, which then led him to move apartments. It may seem extreme, and I could never explain it, nor was I trying to be difficult, but it is a valid reason to protect your own energy, as when you are asleep, your energy is more vulnerable.

Dealing with negative people is never easy, but as you get older and wiser you have to strike a balance between saving and protecting your energy and integrity, and ensuring the other person knows to back off. Sadly, many don’t get the message and persist, which then leads to a showdown or you opting to walk away. I’ve encountered many negative Souls and they often are shocked when their charm or manipulative words don’t work. I’ve never been afraid to speak the truth, but challenging a negative person I have found can be a waste of energy, but one thing I will do is to ensure that they don’t take advantage of those who are vulnerable. Maybe that is why some of us are sensitive, so that we can protect others who aren’t, and who cannot see what is really around them?

2 thoughts on “Sensitivity To Negativity

  1. Angus

    “…it also reminded me that no one really understands me or knows me. It’s not a problem for me, as I accepted I was going to be misunderstood from childhood, therefore, I don’t expect much when people do give me gifts, but I try not to appear ungrateful.”

    Two articles and this is what jumped out at me. Your karmic life-journey explained in one sweet and sour snippet, ha-ha! Beautiful. 🙂 I was just reading about binary of opposites and now I’m inspired. Going to describe my binary life-journey in two sentences or less.

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    1. Soul Maverick

      One of the issues I feel is that people have a need to be understood, and I’ve never needed that. We discover what we need to know, but must understand that others may not see things in the same light. I wouldn’t say I was a geek or nerd (but others may have thought that) but what is normal?


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