Interpretations And Their Purpose

Being a Sensitive or Psychic isn’t a science, therefore, nothing is concrete, and because of this people tend dismiss predictions as coincidences and those who warn as charlatans. It’s for that reason that I have never charged for any advice or guidance, and so people can’t claim I am out to make money or rip people off. If anything it costs me my own time and money, and I feel that gives me the right to pick and choose whom I wish to assist or read for.

So what happens when a prediction doesn’t come to fruition or if you may have misinterpreted it? The point is, a Sensitive can only see the possibilities at the given time, and if factors occurred that created more probable options then they would not yet have existed. For instance, if someone’s actions and choices changed the possible outcomes, then new paths are created. Predictions and premonitions do not exist to make life easier, but to help others to follow the best path if they are straying. That’s why some people never need the advice of a Sensitive, because they have not strayed, and are on the correct path.

Like many, I predicted Hillary Clinton would win the US Presidential Election, so how did we get it wrong or did we? She did win the popular vote by 3 million, and I can hear others say that doesn’t count and it’s a cop out, and I for one never saw the point of the popular vote except as a means to see who really was the favorite. However, since the revelations of a foreign interference in the election by official bodies, perhaps she did win, but there is no legislation being brought forward to challenge it. It made me wonder how or why things changed, and if we look at the actions of some key players, we can see there were opportunities to halt or expose the interference, but they failed to materialize. Is it a case of individuals being tested to see if they made the right choices (Comey and members of Congress)? It’s a big price to pay when the decisions and actions of a few affect the lives of many. Did Comey’s last minute, sudden, and unfounded decision to reopen a closed case alter the possible outcomes, and what would have happened if he had left things as they were?

Interpretations are for guidance at the current time only, and like time, doesn’t stand still. What lies ahead? Are we heading for World War III? During World War II, people got used to hiding out in bunkers and air raid shelters, and today we have heavily armed police and security in buildings and on the streets to avert terrorist attacks. People carry on with their lives, but the reality is that the world is at war already, but the powers involved are playing it down. While one never wishes to be pessimistic, the honest truth is that there is a great deal of mistrust in humanity, and Donald Trump may have dishonestly won the election. If that is the case, it is up to Congress to rectify it, but will they? That is their job, but again there is corruption at the highest level, so whom can you trust? I don’t think you need to be psychic to know that society in the USA is going to remain divided, and pushed further apart despite calls for unity. Maybe The Powers That Be have allowed this to occur so that people can see the consequences of their actions or inactions?

One thing I sense is that US politics will get increasingly protracted and begin to alienate themselves from other Western countries. Alliances will be weakened, and the social and cultural aspects of America will become fractured where racism and discrimination will become rife, and worryingly ‘normal’. People who thought they would get jobs will suffer more than before as interest rates rise, but no new jobs will materialize and they can no longer blame immigrants, but themselves for supporting Trump. They will feel foolish at being taken in at his rhetoric, and hopefully learn. That is one of their lessons.

In Europe, countries will be wary of Russia, and the EU will not make Brexit easy for the UK and this will create more financial instability in the region due to this acrimonious split. The EU will make it as difficult as possible, knowing it will affect the economy, but they don’t care and want the UK to suffer. This will lead to more discontentment as other countries reconsider the value of the EU. In some ways people were glad 2016 was over, but that was just the start of the shift and 2017 is going to be even rougher. Sorry, but the best place is to be on a desert island away from it all, no wonder a record number of celebrities decided to leave in 2016.

How do I interpret the spiritual outcome of events? Key players had choices, and opportunities to question whether there was foul play in the US election. They made their choices (whether that was positive or negative for their own goals is for their consciences to decide), and perhaps it was a necessary step for those involved to learn to make the moral or selfish choice. Those who believed Trump’s rhetoric and voted for selfish reasons will learn from their mistakes, and those who could have done ‘something’ (such as those involved in a fraud case could have chosen not to settle, or to allow a recount of votes) to rectify the situation, but chose an easier path will also be accountable through Karma. In some ways this reminds us that we are connected on a human level, as each choice an individual makes for selfish reasons can affect others inadvertently. I’m often accused of being too serious, but hey, that’s what Ancient Souls are like. You can’t help it when you see Souls making the same mistakes over and over again and not get frustrated. It’s clear humanity is not learning from history, and that is a lesson it is currently learning all over again.

4 thoughts on “Interpretations And Their Purpose

  1. Angus

    I have two things to say, and I’ll start with this. At this point it’s also possible to be optimistic. As I see it, the world may have dodged a bullet. Clinton I believe would have continued where Obama has left off, and pushed an increasingly aggressive military agenda. Whereas Trump seems intent on making friends with Putin. The worry with Trump is he appears to be mostly intent on cutting taxes for his rich friends while using the office as a means whereby his businesses profit. Which in my opinion would be karmically appropriate. For a year Republicans allowed and supported Trump’s lies, and now they’re getting lied to. Getting lied to and conned is acceptable payback for their wilful ignorance. But what wouldn’t be karmically okay and acceptable, is the world having to deal with even more instability as a result of Clinton starting another three or four wars in the Middle East.


    1. Soul Maverick

      In some ways all we can do is sit on the sidelines and watch, but Trump was always a possible outcome. I think also the egos of some in the GOP have taken a battering, as they thought they could back another Bush and control things. How things have turned out for them! I see it more as some in the GOP having to save their reputations now, and maybe that is a lesson that some needed to be reminded of in terms of being humble.


  2. Angus

    I’m often accused of not being serious enough. Posters on spiritual chat sites love to wallow in their negative-entity belief-realities. And they react in anger when I tell them my life is a happier place than all that, and especially when I suggest it’s really about personal outlook. There was a time when I couldn’t help getting frustrated with people like that. Seeing people make the same belief-choice mistakes, over and over again. But that has changed for me. One observation is when I learned to stop being frustrated with myself, I stopped being frustrated with the state of the world. I went from seeing the world as failing, to seeing the world as doing what it does, and always will do.

    Esoteric understanding confirms this. Everyone is evolving at their own soul pace. And at any time in the world’s evolution, throughout history, only a small handful of enlightened souls populate the planet. Humanity has existed for ages, and we can see evidence of learning and growth having taken place throughout human history. And learning and growth is happening today, and at an unprecedented rate of acceleration as this new age unfolds. So something is being learned; that’s a natural, ongoing process of material reality. And what is being learned exactly? That’s what I ponder.


    1. Soul Maverick

      It’s when people make the same choices over and over without realizing it, or having the courage to try another way that can lead to blocks and frustrations. Equally, people can convince themselves that things are bad when they aren’t. It’s all relative to what you have known, and with mass media people expect and want more, although they probably don’t need as much as they have been led to believe.


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