Politics And Karmic Consequences

Politics can be a taboo word in many circles and has the power to destroy friendships and cause rifts in families, but one cannot escape it for it defines the guidelines for which humans must exist on the physical plane. One can try to ignore it, or have as little to do with it as possible, but it is essential to accept it, and perhaps use it to help garner changes in humanity. Many spiritual sites, and forums ban any discussion of politics (but they allow religion!), but politics is the foundation of society and is what defines each culture, and during a human incarnation each of us bears some responsibility to play in the process of how humanity develops.

We can vote, and protest for change, but one must do it wisely, while respecting others beliefs. The recent US election has brought out the dirty and nasty side of humanity with name calling and accusations, which are hardly spiritual. Maybe some of the things were true, but one is innocent until proven guilty. From what I could see it was Trump making accusations, and Clinton who defended herself. The question I raise here is one of Karma—will those who consciously deceived and who manipulated others generate adverse Karma. There is no doubt the answer is ‘yes’ and for Trump the karmic debt is increasing.

If we take a look at how each candidate behaved, and acted or reacted it can indicate what levels of Karma were generated, and that too of their supporters. Clinton accused Trump of avoiding taxes, and not paying contractors; there is evidence of both from multiple sources, and while the tax issue could be rectified with Trump releasing his return, his lawyer has advised him not to. Trump, on the other hand accuses Clinton of ‘treason’ for using a non-state server for her emails while she was Secretary of State, and then brings up her husbands past affairs. Neither is news; she is running for office and not her husband, and the case regarding the emails was settled and concluded there was no criminal activity, but was within the guidelines at the time. You have an attacker and defender. Trump, as the attacker is amassing karmic debt at an alarming rate, and I am surprised Spirit is allowing this much to be generated as that Soul will take multiple (I would say millions) incarnations to repay the debt being amassed.

Now, if you are a Trump supporter you may disagree, but the simple fact is there is evidence of his less than acceptable behavior towards others, and that he has cheated people out of money. You can’t dispute the facts, and by defending someone you enable them and thus with a loss of integrity comes a low level of adverse karma. Why you may ask? If you consciously enable another to gain at the expense of another, you generate bystander adverse karma—when one doesn’t intervene or support another in the pursuit of justice. The recent case where Trump has settled out of court $25 million to the people he defrauded for a fake University speaks for itself. Again, this is a karmic issue, but he paid only to prevent a conviction which would then prevent him from taking office as the President, and not because he was remorseful. Karma is rebalanced from intent as well as actions, and the idea is to learn from it and not do it again. As Trump has not apologized and settled as a convenience, that karmic debt remains. Is there any karmic debt generated for those who chose to settle the suit? While if they hadn’t settled, it may have led to a criminal conviction and thus prevented more people from being victims of fraud (and prevented Trump from taking office). Did these victims have a greater responsibility to humanity in these cases? That is not for me to answer, but they had a path to choose and if Trump hadn’t been made President-Elect it is doubtful he would have settled out of court.

What inspired me or rather urged me to write this piece was when I saw the amount of hate and negativity on social media aimed at people merely expressing their opinions in a non-hostile way. Celebrities alike have been attacked and bullied on their own accounts when they expressed their fears of a Trump government. Rather than accept another view, people have been called names, and attacked for being stupid for not supporting Trump. This creates adverse karma because it is a deliberate and conscious attack, and not a defense because it is not a direct attack that requires self-defense. Some may consider they are defending Trump, but a defense should be logical, rational, have some merit and no malice. Most of the attacks I have seen have none of the above. It’s disturbing to see a nation divided, and hate speak becoming acceptable. Has humanity sunk that low?

Spiritually it creates an excess of negativity, and hopes of world peace seem to be dashed when a nation cannot be united. Trump may or may not become the next President of the USA, even though he theoretically won the election, as the official Electoral College votes have not been cast. People say give him a chance; that’s what they said about Stalin, and Russians are still suffering more than half a century later. In life there are always paths to choose from, and perhaps the electorate made the poorer choice. Spirit does work in strange ways; perhaps the Americans need a lesson to realize they have it good, and by wanting more they find out what they had was actually okay? Perhaps Fate will intervene, and ‘faithless electors’ will correct an error and prevent what is certain to be a greater tragedy, that affects world peace and the future of humanity. As I wrote this, the Green Party leader has raised funds and called for a recount in votes where the figures didn’t tally with the data collected. Perhaps Spirit is already at work?

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