Conquering The Comfort Zone

How do you know what your comfort zone is, and why do we prefer to stay in it? If you think about it, as babies we have no comfort zone and we learn through trial and error. Only then do we know what is safe and familiar, and what can be deemed dangerous. In order for the Soul to evolve it must step outside its comfort zone, but consciously doing it versus having no option but to do so are very different mindsets.

Is it foolhardy to deliberately face the unknown, or is it being brave? At times we must challenge ourselves, otherwise we don’t learn and we get bored and complacent. It doesn’t mean we should head out and do things without any preparation or thought, but to willingly look at other options.

Being outside of your comfort zone is inevitably uncomfortable, but you won’t know until you try. At times it will be scary, and things won’t work out, but on the other hand you will find that you can cope and it’s okay. I don’t like camping, in fact I am a dreadful camper, but I hadn’t really tried it, so I decided to be brave and to go on a camping trip. I hated it, and was miserable and did the best I could. In the end I know I survived, and that I could do it again, but only if I had to. You can’t know how you will respond unless you have had first hand experience. The same is with skating; it’s outside of my comfort zone and I prefer land. That’s not to say I haven’t tried, because I have, and one day I will brave enough to try it again.

Choosing the safe option seems logical, sane and sensible, but do you ever grow? That is the point of an incarnation and life, to try things that may not work out. Perhaps changing career is too scary, or moving to another area is something you’d rather not do. Think about it—it happens to millions of people each day, some through choice and others through circumstances beyond their control. Either way, people will have to face things and make it work. Staying in a comfort zone is not a bad thing, but if you resist growth and never leave it, you will have to do it one day, so isn’t it better to take a step out every now and then and see what happens?

©2016. S.T. Alvyn.

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