Do Spiritual Mistakes Exist?

A mistake by definition is something that can be prevented, so theoretically yes, spiritual mistakes can occur. Souls all have choices, and Spirits, Guides, and The Powers That Be all can make choices—whether to help or to stand back. Many people debate the concept of choices and free will, but there is no such thing as unlimited choices, but choices within a given parameter. Imagine an all you can eat buffet; there are many choices, but you can only select from what is out on the table. You may want Mozzarella cheese, but the only cheeses available are Cheddar and Brie, so your choice is limited to what is actually there. This is the same when Souls have choices on their paths; each Soul is given a selected amount of options to choose from, thus one can choose a path that seems like a mistake, as it may not have been best choice from the selection.

What about mistakes for the incarnational plan? No plan can ever be perfect, if that was to be the case then we would not need Guides to aid us, or free will and choices would not exist. With plans there are always options, alternates, possibilities and probabilities. Therefore, nothing is ever etched in stone. I do wonder like many in hindsight, ‘What if?’ when I recall an event—could I have changed things, or would there have been a better outcome? Quite possibly, but also it could have been Fate.

Could I have made a better choice in regards to selecting my immediate physical realm family, location, and career? Perhaps so, but we can never fully predict the outcome, only the possibilities. Do I feel I made some idealistic choices? I would say yes, because you have to make the best of what you have chosen, and often you have to use theories or choose what seems to be the best option at the time. It’s not easy, but you can’t change certain things, but you can control how you view them and cope with them.

When we choose our incarnational paths from our Soul Blueprint, our options arise from a combination of factors; which other Souls are incarnating, where and what challenges they will face, and will they coincide with yours? Naturally some plans get abandoned (such as exit points), but that’s why spiritual errors do occur. Even Guides cannot make each event perfect; they can only work with what the Soul chooses, and are limited to how involved they can be. One must accept that a human incarnation will contain flaws, and errors, but that is part of the challenge—to work through them and cope, and other times to suffer and endure. With the existence of choices, errors and mistakes must exist by default, but as the Soul grows older, it learns to limit them and learns from them.

©2016. S.T. Alvyn.

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