Life Is A Series Of Experiences, Mistakes, And Challenges

“What is life?” That’s one of the questions that has puzzled humanity for centuries, and one that many philosophers have sought to answer. However, I don’t think there is a definitive answer because people will always have their own preconceptions, and expectations based on their culture, environment and upbringing.

Life for someone brought up in a poor family on welfare maybe about surviving hand to mouth, getting a job, their own home, and being happy. For someone who comes from a privileged background, it could be about getting into an Ivy League school, marrying well, and becoming a CEO. Those who live in Third World countries, life maybe about trying to stay alive, finding food, and those in repressed regimes, their lives maybe regulated in what they can do with no choice.

All humans though will go through life and learn through experiences (good and bad), and will make mistakes, and pursue their Soul Challenges subconsciously. I see people striving for a perfect life, but what is perfection? People tend to talk about the good experiences, and prefer to put the bad ones behind them, but these are defining moments that can make a person stronger. One of the human frailties I see is that people consider mistakes as weaknesses, and don’t own up to them. In fact it’s quite the opposite, it takes a strong person to admit they have made a mistake and to correct it, or accept the consequences. It’s the weak that try to hide them or to cover them up with a scapegoat or an excuse.

By accepting that mistakes do occur, is part of life. Naturally making the same one over again means that you haven’t learned what you needed, but once you do then hopefully you won’t do it again. Subconsciously life is a series of experiences that build up strengths, and develops the Soul. These help each person to make decisions, or learn how to, so when they have their Soul Challenges, it can help them achieve them. This is why many challenges don’t begin until later life, in the mid-twenties or often when there is a Saturn return (around 28 or 29 years old).

When people ask what the meaning of life is, or the purpose, the actual living is what life is about. There shouldn’t be pressure to achieve certain things; each of us has different goals. One shouldn’t judge the person who decides to stay in a small town and get a simple job; if that makes them happy then no one should decide whether they have made the best of their life or had a good life. On the other the person who leaves and gets a high flying job, that’s their choice with a different set of experiences.Who knows if it made them happy, or if it enriched their life?

Life is what we choose to make of it, whether it’s subconscious or not. The choices we make create a framework for our lives and incarnations, and while Fate does have a say in things, the pre-planning of an incarnation is merely a blueprint. Consider all your experiences as living and that’s called life.

©2016. S.T. Alvyn.

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