Does it matter if people don’t believe in Reincarnation?

Some people feel the need to convince people of their beliefs, yet when it comes to reincarnation, people just don’t know what to believe. Many don’t want to think about an after life, or that they will return, usually because they know they have done some wrongs and secretly they are afraid Karma exists. When I get challenged on proving how reincarnation exists, I don’t fall for it. Why? Mainly because it is something that each of us has to discover in our own way. There are many people that may believe in reincarnation for whatever reason, a personal experience or a past life recall, but they don’t talk about it. That is the wisest thing to do; have the knowledge and don’t let it affect your life, but allow it to guide you.

You don’t need to validate your beliefs either, because what you can see and understand may not be so for others. I realized this when people do remark with their experience only, and are unable to see beyond that. A simple example was when I was discussing email addresses with someone; I mentioned many people use a variation of their name and the year of birth in it. They remarked they had never heard of it, and stated that people don’t do that. I replied it was very common, and not only do I have friends that use that in their emails addresses, after working in recruitment and updating marketing databases, I can tell you it’s very common. The point is there was evidence to back up what I said, but the other party didn’t believe it or have the capacity to see that it was possible, when in fact it is true.

It doesn’t matter if others don’t believe in reincarnation, because while it may make people think twice about their actions, it often doesn’t stop people making bad decisions. We still learn from these, but when they are conscious acts to harm others, or deceptive, then the thought of reincarnation will be frightening to these kinds of people. They know they did wrong, but need to justify to themselves that it will be okay and they won’t be punished, because life to them is a one-way ticket.

Take it from an Ancient Soul, some free advice; reincarnation exists, but it doesn’t matter whether you believe it or not, because eventually you will find out yourself. I don’t need to convince people, because deep down the Higher Self already knows that, and when people deny the existence of past lives or reincarnation, it’s usually because they are Young Souls, or those who have been unable to connect to their Higher Self.

I suspect there is a large percentage that sits on the fence—those who want to believe but want proof. The problem is proof comes in various guises and sometimes they don’t recognize that proof. Then the question is, ‘What kind of proof do they seek?’ Whenever there is some proof, it is challenged. In life there are certain things that cannot be proven but we still accept them. For example, how you explain when a newborn knows who their parents are? How can you explain feelings, intuition, and instinct? The human mind is complex and each one is individual in how it perceives information, and how it stores it. Some people are not as capable of grasping facts or theories, so you may ask why set up this website and write books on the topic?

There are always questions people wish to ask, but either there is no one to ask or they are afraid of the answers. Not knowing and remaining in a suspended state is preferable to some, because if they do know for certain, then they know they have no excuse if they behave in a selfish and egotistical manner. Often I find people that do behave in such a fashion, are fully conscious of their acts and consequences, but use excuses such as depression, stress, or external events involving others such as a divorce as a reason. Denying the truth doesn’t change the facts, but a teacher cannot teach those who do not wish to listen and learn. Instead I provide a website and a series of books for those who do believe, or want to discover more. I don’t aim to convert, but to empower and provide information and knowledge to those who seek it either by chance or through searching.

©2016. S.T. Alvyn.

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