Are We “Poor Players” On A Stage Called Earth?

William Shakespeare’s famous line from Macbeth has always resonated with me since I read the Scottish play at school.

“Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage
And then is heard no more…”

I recall my English teacher interpreting it to us and it made me think about life, and that yes, we are all shadows, then die. However, the part we can debate is whether we are mere actors on a stage called Earth—is a power or someone directing, or guiding us, or like a play, has everything been scripted already? One may improvise, but as any actor knows, if you go off script too often you get reigned in. What if the script doesn’t work out, then another replaces it, or if you have a poor director and everyone gets lost?

Many of us believe in freedom and that free will exists, but does it really? Societal rules that have been created are blindly followed without question, so we are all puppets, or actors being controlled either by the laws of society (go to college, get a job, get married, and then save for a pension) and guided by The Powers That Be. You may not want to believe in the laws of Fate or Destiny, and they can’t be explained, but they are a very possible theory. That doesn’t mean we should sit and wait to see what happens, but much depends on how much you decide to actively participate. Nothing will be perfect, as the outcome may have been predestined for a reason against all odds. When the outcome isn’t so pleasant we can question things as to why they had turned out so, but even when things are perfectly planned, the outcome can never be guaranteed.

No amount of wealth, personality, status, or education can predict an outcome. As ‘players’ on Earth we act out our scripted scenarios. Life isn’t a rehearsal though, but scenes can get repeated, or there maybe some heavy deviation from the script and other players either abandon the script or it gets rewritten. We, as Souls in a human form should accept that at times we are actors, that support others learning their lessons, or that our script has been written for a good reason (but we just don’t know those reasons and the outcome), and not get angry (or try not to) when things don’t go according to plan. I used to get frustrated when plans didn’t work out, even when there was no logical reason for them not to. Planning things down to the most meticulous detail doesn’t ensure perfection, although one can strive for it. Even then, consider that was the plan all along.

As Souls we used our free will to be incarnated for a reason, but that free will is curtailed on Earth with boundaries for reasons. Once you realize this then you may begin to see the reasons why more clearly, but if you are angry or frustrated they won’t be visible. It’s not easy to have blind acceptance, and I feel a small amount of skepticism is still healthy, because if you don’t question things, then you won’t find the answers you seek. Despite human nature yearning for control, humanity should realize there are greater powers out there that allow us limited control—we may not see them, but they exist like Mother Nature. We cannot control Nature, yet humans use their free will to destroy it and in turn Nature replies. One may deny this, but when scientists cannot explain natural disasters such as a tsunami, earthquakes, avalanches, or tornadoes (because not all things can be predicted or explained) then one can conclude that there are greater unexplained powers in the Universe that do control things, and there is nothing we can do except respect this fact, and that the human free will has boundaries. Each of us can plays a part, but when our script is finished, then we either write a new one, or opt to watch other players on the stage called Earth.

Do we ever know how the script ends or when the final curtain drops? Some scripts get rewritten as they go along, and others get culled. Spiritually we are still puppets, that enact what was planned, and our Guides act as Directors, but do we always listen to them or disagree?

©2016. S. T. Alvyn.

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