Five Qualities Of A True Spiritual Soul

With so many definitions of what is Spiritual, I was encouraged to write this piece in response to what I had witnessed on my personal Facebook page. There are different types of Spiritual Souls, (religious, those who favor self-help mantras, and others that learn through their own experiences), but all regardless should have several traits in common. What I witnessed was an allegedly spiritual friend of one of my friends admonishing and contradicting one of my responses to a post (which was actually a question) through pure arrogance, but it made me think of what traits true Spiritual Souls have. This is by no means a definitive or an exhaustive list, but qualities to make you stop and ponder whether you or others are growing spiritually, or if the ego has intercepted? All of us must keep our ego in check—that’s human, but when you spiritually awaken, it becomes second nature, and the following should occur subconsciously:

  • Humble and Modest: A true Spiritual Soul will rarely seek publicity, acclaim, or reward for anything they do. If it does happen, they accept it as an acknowledgement from Spirit that their work is appreciated and they are on the correct path. In this respect, I struggle to understand those who offer spiritual services for excessive amounts as humble or modest, or when others claim their theories or opinion are correct, dismissing others. Again, that isn’t displaying any humbleness, but arrogance. Spiritual Souls should have mutual respect for other theories, beliefs, and concepts, even if they disagree with them.
  • Non-judgmental: Spiritual Souls do not judge others, even when they choose a less than ideal path. Each of us has free will to pursue an action, but we cannot impose our beliefs on others, even though we may not approve. An example would be someone admitting they were driving over the speed limit, while wrong, illegal, and dangerous, they were consciously aware of their actions. One may disapprove or disagree, but should not judge the person on their choice of actions or beliefs. We cannot dictate, but may caution with wise words, but each must learn their lessons when they are ready.
  • Honest: While this is a trait all humans should endeavor to have, the reality is honest people and Souls are in the minority. Can we be honest all of the time? It’s hard and rare to find such Souls, but they do exist. We can all however strive to be as consciously honest as possible. It doesn’t mean that we should be tactless where harm could arise, but subtle and honest without hurting others. While the truth can hurt, it’s not only what you say, but also how you say it and when that matters. Choosing the right words, and when to say something can make honesty less painful at times. In addition, being honest in your actions and thoughts, and not to think what’s in if for me? is paramount. While one should not lose out or be harmed, any gains should be secondary to any actions. A friend I am mentoring asked me what I gain from helping them, and I said that what I gain is faith, and knowing that you can help someone without any ulterior motive, but purely to help.
  • A Good Listener: Learning to listen is not as easy as one may think; often a Spiritual Soul will listen, offer advice if sought, or simply listen. Too many people have opinions and jump in (the ego) without truly listening, or understanding the context of what was said, and why something was said. Often people will want to release a frustration, or want confirmation of what they did or said was correct. However, many tales are rhetorical, and don’t require an opinion or advice. Knowing when to offer advice or how to reply is also a trait one learns. I have found myself in this situation numerous times, when I wanted to tell a story, only to have someone butt in with their opinion of what they think should have been said or done. That is not the purpose of someone telling a story, and a true Spiritual Soul allows another to tell their story free of judgment, and without interruption. If a reply is sought, it can be given in a compassionate and honest manner. Now, that’s not always easy when confronted with the deluded or arrogant Souls that exist, and is something a Spiritual Soul learns to deal with. You can only see a complete picture when a story has been told, and not only to listen to parts you wish to hear, or that the other party wishes to convey. I often find people are selective in the parts of the story they wish to tell, and only upon asking support questions do they reveal details that they deliberately omitted, which usually apportions some blame they are reluctant to admit to.
  • Respectful: This is another trait that all Souls and humans in society should have, but true respect for each other in humanity is again in the minority. There is surface respect where people will appear to be respectful as society expects them to behave in such a manner, but they do so out of convention (and in business to keep clients, or their jobs) and not through an honest action. It means to accept people as they are and allow them to learn in their own time. While we all know smoking isn’t healthy, we should still respect others that choose to do so. It may seem nonsensical, but each must choose what is right for them. As a vegetarian it doesn’t bother me when people eat meat, as it’s their preference, yet I see vegans condemning and judging all that don’t follow their beliefs. Is that right or spiritual?

Besides using my intuition, you can tell a truly Spiritual Soul if they have the above traits, or if they strive towards them. It’s not an easy bar to aim for, but it is the essence of being a good human and Soul. All of us are works in progress, but when people label themselves as Spiritual can they honestly hold up their hand and say that they are? There is a difference between those who perceive themselves as Spiritual Souls and those who actually are. In the latter case, they don’t need to tell others, because their actions speak for themselves. If you think about it, a true Spiritual Soul wouldn’t need to tell you that they are, because you will feel and sense it. No amount of man made certificates and degrees, websites, or acclaimed books in spirituality will make anyone more spiritual than another, because it’s more than being able to see beyond the veils and communicate with beings in other dimensions—it’s the integrity of your thoughts and behavior towards others during your incarnation that matters, and no amount of marketing or promotional activity can buy that.

©2016. S.T. Alvyn.

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