Souls That Seek Justice

Souls that haven’t transitioned due to an unnatural death are often the ones that are earthbound and stuck. Maybe they were murdered and it was made to look like an accident, perhaps no one noticed they were missing and were told that they had gone off to travel. These Souls tend to be fragile, and are apprehensive about trusting anyone to help them let alone to actually ask for help. Even when they do ask for help, the Sensitive may have limited time and resources, and Soul are not conscious of that fact.

Not all Souls seek justice because they will have been healed when they transition, and karmic plans will have been made to rebalance events. It also depends on what occurred, and whether each party bore some responsibility, as many times that will even things out and there will be minimal karmic debt on both sides. Often it is the young and confused Soul who will seek justice before they transition.

Young Souls struggle to communicate clearly during an incarnation, and while they transition. In these cases the Sensitive must guide the Soul to show them how they can help. This can be hard, as Young Souls are impetuous, rash, and often hasty in their actions. Making them stop and listen is a challenge in itself. They then may fear the Sensitive will stop helping them when there is no progress or if is slow. They still lack the ability to understand that things cannot be rushed when external players are involved.

Here is a mini guide for Sensitives who help Souls who wish to pursue and find justice for closure, and also for Souls who may struggle in articulating what help they need.

  • The Soul must ask for help. The Sensitive must ask them if that is what they want, as some Souls aren’t sure and just want to talk to anyone that will listen. Assisting takes a great deal of energy and isn’t something to be taken on lightly.
  • Trust has to be gained on both sides. The Soul needs to know that the Sensitive believes them, and can and will help. In turn the Sensitive has to trust the Soul truly needs help for justice and not for revenge.
  • The Sensitive must be free to say yes or no. A Soul cannot expect just because a Sensitive can hear them that they must help.
  • When the Soul sends messages, they must be as clear as possible, and use repetition if necessary. This is because if a message is vague, it doesn’t help and may lead to the Sensitive in the wrong direction. Trying to piece things together is not easy, and may lead to the Sensitive having to stop any further aid if the partnership isn’t working out.
  • A Soul must learn patience. If a message has not been understood, find another way, but rather than rush, build up information slowly so it makes chronological sense.
  • In the case of trying to understand what a Soul needs closure on, the Soul must start at the beginning and tell the Sensitive how things transpired. Many Young Souls rush to the incident rather than explain why things happened. This is important, as if the Sensitive has a clearer picture, they are able to interpret messages more clearly. For example, they may show who harmed them, but if they don’t show why or how, it is difficult to then prove whether it was planned or accidental. Maybe others were involved too, so a complete and clearer picture is needed to aid the Sensitive.
  • A Sensitive should use direct questions with the Soul when they need clarification. I use Tarot Cards (with Young Souls) as certain cards can represent the people involved, or how the Soul feels about someone. A question I ask often; Is X someone to be trusted? and if a card like the Devil appears then no, they are not trustworthy.
  • Communication is important as the Sensitive may need to ask the Soul things that they had not considered relevant. Often a Soul will relive their last moments, or show what they miss in life, or the people that can be trusted. When Souls are in pain, they are not always rational or logical and direct questions may have to be repeated more than once to get an answer.

Helping a Soul on either realm, be it the physical or spiritual one is never quick or easy. It requires patience and trust. In my case I do speak to those who ask for my assistance and say directly if they want my help, they must help me by guiding me and directing me to the right information, place or people. Like all relationships it takes time, and sometimes I do have to put things on hold for spiritual cases because I have issues on the physical realm to deal with. Soon a bond will build and communication will become easier; when you ask for a message, a certain card will be shown, or a name, place or date will appear randomly when you are online, on television, or if you are reading something. With my current case, the Soul kept showing me the Page of Swords, and I thought he meant a young man would be the one to ask with the answers. In fact, later when I asked another more direct question, it was the young man who had been responsible.

Interpreting messages from vulnerable Souls that are trapped and are in pain requires a higher degree of patience. In turn, Souls that ask for help must accept that a Sensitive is still limited in what they can do, and that it is teamwork—to work together to find justice and allow the Soul to transition and to heal properly.

©2016. S. T. Alyvn.

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