The Perfect Spiritual Path?

Is there such a thing? I’m afraid, there isn’t, and if anyone tries to convince you otherwise they’re either deluded, or are being less than honest. Like life, a spiritual path is different for each of us, but there is no perfect template. Each of us will encounter challenges, and how we perceive them will vary. Recently I saw a social media post distinguishing between traits of high and low vibrations—these posts annoy me because they try to assess whether you are spiritual, or if you are not. This is wrong on many levels (IMHO), as one may think they have these traits, and that they are an exceptional spiritual being, but the truth is that is the ego. Someone reading the chart may see they have more low vibrational traits; does that make them less spiritual or enlightened? The accompanying text would suggest that is the case, but on the contrary trying to separate traits doesn’t help with spiritual growth. Instead, we learn the good and bad with each trait, and how to control them internally and externally. Trying to define what is spiritual and what isn’t does little to encourage those awakening.

Among some of the hypothetical low vibration traits are: junk food, medication, arguing, radiation exposure (I assume a dig at using microwaves and cellphones), toxic cleaning products, and heavy metal music. The high vibration lists: yoga, burning lavender oil, almonds, dandelion, raw foods daily, and breathing deeply. Someone reading this may think this is guide on how to be on the spiritual path, and dismiss those that exhibit the lower vibrational traits. However, an enlightened Soul would see things differently. Eating raw food, and inhaling lavender oil isn’t going to make you spiritual; it may relax your body and help the process, but that’s all. Are you really going to stop using a microwave, or a cellphone because it may make your vibrations lower and be less spiritual? Do you judge how spiritual someone is because they like heavy metal or rock music over pipe or classical music?

Expecting too much from the high vibrational list will lead to disappointment, because growth comes from learning and understanding, and not following a list of what to do. Do all spiritual people never eat junk food and only eat raw food? No! When it comes to medication, is it wise not to take medication for a condition because it is on the low vibration chart? It would be foolish to do so, but with all things there must be a balance. Take medication when it is needed, and not rely on it, because herbal remedies can help, but they don’t always cure. These kinds of charts attempt to serve as guidelines on how to be spiritual and be on a spiritual path. Sadly, I find them dictatorial, and give people a false sense of belief and poor guidance.

We are all on a spiritual path, yet many of us are not conscious of it and some don’t need to know. It’s a subconscious act, but those that do awaken become aware, and while on earth the human focuses on physical goals, like education, a career, and tangible items like house and cars. The spiritual side is less tangible, and deals with the moral paths and conundrums of emotions and choices. Each must develop their own limits and framework; there is a standard based on the law of what is right or wrong, but people will still tweak these laws to suit them. That’s your spiritual path; learning to confront these dilemmas, but they are based on personal experience and the potential outcomes. There can never be a one size fits all solution, we must decide by ourselves, for ourselves. The perfect path doesn’t exist, but the best path to follow is the one you choose, and not the ones where others tell you this is the right way—it maybe for them, but not necessarily for you.

©2016. S.T. Alvyn.

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