The Eternal Spirit Library: The Akashic Records

The Akashic Records is where the thoughts, previous incarnations, Soul Connections, and experiences of each Soul are recorded. If the Soul remembers everything, one may ask why does there need to be a library where everything is stored? While the Soul does remember everything, the Soul can also get damaged (where fragments may get lost or damaged), and having access to the records can help heal the fragment. In addition, all Souls when they reincarnate, temporarily forget their previous lives, in order to learn and achieve goals without prejudice, bias or without any recollections of any trauma that they may have encountered previously. Having a library to access allows assistance should the Soul require it. Young Souls in particular may have difficulty in recalling their past lives, or be able to interpret them correctly; therefore having a record of the Soul can help them on their path if they need healing or experience blockages.

The records can be accessed in a number of ways:

  • The Higher Self will show the Soul the answers to what has been asked if there is a connection.
  • A Sensitive can access the records with the Soul’s permission.
  • A Guide may access them, and send relevant information to the Soul.

The word library is used as a generic term, as the Akashic Records surround us—it is not a huge library or hall with books. The records are not books, but each Soul has a white stone tablet where all the information is stored, inscribed on an infinite tablet. It’s not written in a language that can be translated by those on the physical plane, but instead images (like a video clip) will be shown in response to what information is requested. One must be specific when asking a question, so that the correct information can be shown. I have seen the Akashic Records, and have also accessed them, which are two very different things. Accessing them can occur in a number of ways, often when you dream, or when the frequencies are open and you are communicating with a Guide or the Higher Self. The records are located on a plane in the Spirit Realm, and can be accessed in conjunction with the Higher Self and Guides. Each Soul may access the records if they need to, but only information that is necessary will be shown. Not all Souls have access to the higher frequencies; therefore, they can be accessed through their own Guides or Sensitives.

Such important information is securely guarded, and there are gatekeepers—those to whom you must state your intent to before access is granted. The Higher Self has natural access—therefore, if there is a strong link to the Higher Self, access will be granted. Remember, the Higher Self already has this knowledge (and will show things from their perspective), but sometimes a Soul must see things from another source to fully understand the message conveyed. However, the Higher Self will still control what information will be shown—there must be a valid reason for wishing to know something; for example, there maybe a blockage, or a phobia that needs to be addressed. Access is not granted for those who are merely curious. For those who do not have a strong link to the Higher Self, or are unsure of what they need to ask, they may use an intermediary—a Sensitive. Not all Sensitives can access the Akashic Records, but those who can, maybe better equipped to interpret the information that is shown. The Soul must grant the Sensitive permission to access the records, and may also guide the Soul from the information shown. No one may access the records of another Soul without the Soul giving permission.

I’ve had my records read by a Sensitive and I’ve accessed them myself. It’s always a good reconfirmation when someone interprets the messages and visions similarly. Interpretations will never be the exactly the same with different readers, but how they convey the information also makes a difference. Information is given to guide the Soul and sometimes it can enable closure on issues. It can help explain why there are difficult Soul Connections, or if some adverse Karma is in play why it occurred. Often when a Soul has this knowledge, they are more accepting of what happens, knowing that Karma is being repaid, or that a Soul Contract has been fulfilled.

Accessing the Akashic Records isn’t essential for everyone, as Guides and the Higher Self will automatically access the parts that are necessary. One may delve deeper, but information is only shown when it is in the best interests of the Soul Path. Many people have trouble accessing the records, or don’t realize that they have accessed them. The Akashic Records will only show flashes of information, clues or images to trigger the Soul memories. It does not give definitive yes or no answers, nor does it tell you what you must do, but will advise and give signs for the path ahead. This is a library with limited access, because sometimes you will not get shown the answer to a question—that may mean it is not for you to know, or not right now at least.

©2016. S.T. Alvyn. All Rights Reserved.


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