The Peaks of Potential: Deciphering The Soul Blueprint

Each of us chooses the time and date of an incarnation; hidden within the numbers is the blueprint of the Soul Goals and Purposes that have been planned. It’s not as simple as reading your sun sign in the daily newspaper—it goes deeper, through analyzing a birth chart, where the houses were at the time of birth, if any planets were retrograde, the position of the moon, and the ascendant. Coupled with the peaks of potential, based on Pythagorean calculations, the numbers associated with the birth date can reveal what Soul Goals were planned, and also the Soul Age.

Each of us incarnates to learn, therefore, for each goal, the Soul has a planned peak where there is the potential for the goal to be realized. Each person has four peaks (from the ages 25-61 depending on the ruling number, calculated by adding up the numbers in the date of birth), with a gap of nine-years between each peak. An example would be a person with the ruling number 2, who would have a peak at 34, 43, 52 and the final peak at 61 years of age. By understanding and calculating the peaks of potential, one can see what goals have been planned and when, what the Soul Purpose was, and whether some goals had been repeated. A peak year is the optimal time to achieve a goal that may have been progressing steadily, but forces may play a part in assisting the Soul to achieve the goal.

An intensive analysis of the astrological birth chart can highlight strengths and traits that will help achieve certain goals. For example, Mars is the planet of strength and ambition, so whatever house is in the chart can influence the personality and abilities in the incarnation. Someone with Mars in the 4th house will be geared towards the family, whereas someone with Mars in the 1st house will be an independent leader. When there are empty houses—that means those lessons are not relevant in the incarnation. Many spiritual people (or what some term indigo) tend to have their houses all in one sector and less than six, because they have specific goals. This is also common among Old Souls who have only a few goals to concentrate on.

In my own case I have no houses in:

  • 2 (possessions)
  • 4 (roots)
  • 6 (work and routine)
  • 7 (relationships)
  • 8 (death and loss)
  • 11(adaption to society)

This is because I have specific things to focus on in this incarnation, and that is the case for most Old Souls. This indicates these issues have already been learned, and are not the focus of the incarnation or necessary. It’s quite true that I have few friends, I’m not materialistic, I have been freelance most of my life, I don’t have strong family ties, and I have always been very grounded and realistic about humanity and society. These allow me to follow my vocation without distractions.

A chart with many different houses usually indicates a Young Soul that has everything to learn. If a chart has multiple houses, then that indicates that it is an important Soul Goal, and one that may have been repeated. I have multiple houses in 5 (creativity), 9 (philosophy, traveling, and spirituality), and 10 (vocation), which are areas that are prominent in this incarnation. These are blueprints, therefore the Soul may still divert from these plans, or they may lay dormant. The Soul may feel drawn to these traits or Fate will endeavor to make them more significant.

Here is a an example; a person with a ruling number of 9 has (peaks calculated by the date of birth) the peak years of:

  • 1st peak number 9 aged 27
  • 2nd peak number 4 aged 36
  • 3rd peak number 4 aged 45
  • 4th peak number 5 aged 54

You can see the numbers 9 and 4 are prominent, and doubled up indicate they are important Soul lessons for the incarnation. The numbers 9 indicate the end of a phase, so here is a Mature Soul who is in the latter parts of the stage. The double 4 peak is to provide stability and strength that will be needed to move to the Old Soul stage. In this person’s astrological chart they have multiple houses in 3,4 and 11, and no houses in 2,7,8,9,10.

By focusing on the multiple houses, we can see that 3 (communication), 4 (roots and stability, and 11 (how we relate and adapt to society) are the key Soul Goals. The number 4 is prominent in both calculations, and indicates that stability and roots is something that the Soul needs and must focus on. These are personal goals, rather than vocational goals, so each incarnation does have a plan, but we don’t always follow it. In this case that is why the peaks were doubled up, so as to give the Soul the best opportunity to achieve this goal. Often when I see a double peak, it is also a repeated goal, and the Soul may experience déjà vu, and have the same Soul Group members around to help achieve this goal.

A Soul blueprint helps us to understand our incarnation, and maps out what has been planned. The blueprint gives the Soul the potential to achieve, and there is an amount of free will that will determine when events will transpire. In my own case, the traits do tally, but timings are subject to external factors as well as the personal acceptance of events. Events around the peaks can vary either side by a year, or if a goal is achieved ahead of time, then the peaks will move forward. If a goal isn’t achieved, then it’s possible it will be repeated in the same incarnation, or a subsequent one. The Higher Self and Guides are also privy to the plans. However, plans by their definition are never guaranteed—some work out, and most times are partially achieved. Once we know how to discover and read the plans, it can help us figure out what the aims of the expedition are in each incarnation. Then we know why certain things may have occurred, and how our destinies have been shaped. All these plans are also housed in the Akashic Records, where access is possible, but is limited to what the Soul needs to know.

©S.T. Alvyn. 2015

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