What Is A ‘Lost’ Soul’?

Very few of us will have been fortunate never to have felt lost or confused in life. It’s natural to have doubts, because we learn from them and how to decide what is best, or the right thing to do. Sometimes the right thing to do is not always the best course of action, and that leads us to crossroads. How do we choose, and what if we make a poor choice? We feel lost, unsure which way to turn, and sometimes with no one to help. Do you choose the easiest path, the one with signposts, or do you use your intuition?

A lost soul is when a soul is temporarily unsure of what path to pursue, because of various factors:

  • Pressure from family and friends.
  • Expectations from societal norms.
  • What is practical, versus desire.
  • What is best in the long term, versus the present.
  • What they really want to do, versus what others expect from them.

When doubt, anger, or fear, occur then negative blocks appear and confuse the soul, and it’s unable to focus clearly or to make rational decisions. Many of us put unnecessary pressure on ourselves, to do what we think we should be doing even if it makes us unhappy. Change is scary for most of us, and when we have to adapt it can make us stronger. When a soul is lost, sometimes it is blind to the help and guidance around them—they don’t see the signs or messages, or realize some people are around to guide and help them.

Feeling lost is isolating, and often no one else will truly understand the inner turmoil or frustration. Know that this is temporary, and there are no quick answers or solutions. Having faith helps, but that alone isn’t always enough. You have to be prepared to make mistakes and to learn from them, not to get angry at yourself, and to find another way to resolve things.

In hindsight I have made many errors because I was distracted, or I didn’t think it would matter. As much as I reprimand myself it won’t turn back the clock, so I have to find a different way to achieve things. No one can choose your path and which road to take, because it’s your journey. You have to take responsibility, and if one path doesn’t work out, then take another.

Feeling lost happens when we try to plan life and expect things to be perfect. Even the most perfectly planned lives can go astray. There will always be hurdles, rocky or icy cliffs to climb, and it doesn’t matter about wealth, class, or color. Members of royal families have encountered accidental deaths, divorces, illnesses, and their lives would have been planned since their conception.

Some of us are afraid of choosing a path and remain still and stationary because it feels safer. The downside is you don’t evolve, and remain stuck. Eventually whatever lesson you planned will occur when Spirit gives you a harsh nudge, or it’s carried over to the next incarnation. It’s much easier to share the journey, maybe you will have a Guide or a Soul Group member to help you, but as you reach the Old Soul stage, many will find they will tread that path alone. Feeling alone and actually being alone are separate, for we are never truly alone, as our Guides maybe watching from a distance instead.

When we do feel lost and then find our way again, we know that it was only our fear holding us back, but through that we learn—all paths teach us something, and there are never wrong paths, just better ones to choose to follow.

© 2015. S.T. Alvyn. All Rights Reserved.


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