The Path of a Lightworker

Lightworkers can be Sensitives who are Guides, Healers, Mediums, Psychics, or Earth Angels. A Lightworker is a Soul who assists on the physical plane by carrying out lightworking duties and activities, and can have one or more skills. Skills vary from advice, support, guidance, and healing—it could be to guide someone who is lost on their path, or to support those who have experienced loss. There are different levels of Lightworkers based on experience, and there are apprentice Lightworkers who will be learning as they assist others—just like Clarence, the Angel who earned his wings in A Wonderful Life.

The path of the Lightworker can change all of a sudden during an incarnation because they may get called upon to assist others in an emergency. At first it can be disconcerting for a Lightworker, but once they realize and understand their purpose, it becomes a little easier to cope with. Often they will be nomads, or are those without too many ties to family or to a job, which enables them to move freely. The Lightworker must try to balance their own goals with their Lightworking duties, as they also learn about their own limitations and that some Souls, even they do need help, cannot see that they do.

Lightworkers may appear suddenly in someone’s life, and then depart as soon as their task is completed or if they have chosen to be released from the situation. As such, the Lightworker may feel unsettled and not have roots or a place to call home, especially Old Souls who get asked more frequently as they have fewer personal goals to pursue. At times the Lightworker may feel lonely when friends they have made drift away, and they question the bonds made. Although it was a friendship, it was for a reason and only for a specified period. Finding friends for life may elude the more experienced Lightworker who may get called upon for more challenging tasks.

Charges find their way to a Lightworker or Fate ensures that their paths cross. Lightworkers don’t choose their charges, but some such as healers often offer healing sessions to those in need. Many do pursue careers that incorporate their lightworking activities such as counseling, teaching, and nursing, or are inspired to change their careers later on. Lightworking should be done without any anticipation of payment, thanks, or reward and as such shouldn’t be documented and used for advertising purposes. At times social media gets carried away, but all it does is portray the devolution of humanity and society. Lightworkers provides balance in society, and as it develops sometimes humanity gets sidelined.

How do you know if you are a Lightworker? You don’t choose it; it happens when you are needed, but that doesn’t mean you must help all of the time, only when you feel compelled to and when there is no one else for that person to turn to. I know some of you will ask how will you know, but when it does happen you will realize. Many Lightworkers will not reveal themselves, and do their work discreetly and without fuss. Often tasks will be achieved without the Lightworker even knowing the difference they made, because that isn’t important—only that they did what they could. Sometimes the effect made is not realized until months or years after the Lightworker has departed.

A Lightworker never judges or imposes, but listens and advises. They offer support, guidance, comfort, and heal. They return the Light to a Soul who is a dark place, and when that Light is reignited they depart. The path of a Lightworker can be full of starts and stops, and when most of their own goals have been completed, they may take on more lightworking tasks. They do have the freedom to turn them down, although some may see that as a failure. However, sometimes personality clashes occur, or a charge may not be ready. Even though the Lightworker has extensive experience, for each charge the same circumstances will yield different reactions and outcomes, if you take into account other Soul Connections and karmic issues. Some may find it drains their energy, or that the negativity generated is not a healthy environment for them to thrive in. A Lightworker learns when to take action and when to take a step back.

There are some that do not answer the call to take on lightworking tasks, and as we all have free will, we are able to make that choice. Instead, they choose to focus on their own goals, and that is not selfish, as ability alone does not dictate necessity. Having skills does not oblige you to use them, and they instead remain dormant. While Lightworkers do touch the lives of many, not all Souls need the assistance of a Lightworker, but if you do, often you won’t realize who they were until much later on. Know that if you ask for help, it will come to you, but not always how you expect it to.

© 2015. S.T. Alvyn. All Rights Reserved.

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