Angels And Spirit Guides

Many people wonder what the difference between the two are, but often the two overlap and work alongside each other. Angels can be Guides as well, but not all Spirit Guides are Angels.

During each incarnation each Soul will have a main Guide (or a Guardian Angel) that will remain with them throughout and maybe also an Angel. Some might be an ancestor that is in Spirit, or a Guide that has supported the Soul with previous incarnations. A Guide coordinates with the Higher Self of the Soul and send messages and guidance when the Soul needs some direction, or when they are confused and blocked. If things go according to plan and Soul Connections are realized, or the incarnation runs smoothly, the Guide will stand back and observe. Even at times when the Soul may feel the Guide needs to make themselves known, it is possible that it is a Soul Challenge that has been planned and the Guide will allow things to play out naturally in order for the Soul to learn a particular lesson.

There will also be Guides that appear for different phases and leave when that particular phase or challenge has been completed. One may feel a different presence when they arrive and it may take a while for each to adjust to how they communicate with one another. Each Guide will have their own personality; some will be direct and others may have a particular way of communicating with symbols or images. You may feel their presence or hear them; sometimes silence is a message in itself.

Guides make an agreement before an incarnation as to how and when they should step into assist. Young Souls may agree to more interaction, and Old Souls tend to have fewer Guides and less intervention because it will not be needed. Here is where Angels can step in and help out, because Guides cannot overstep their boundaries. If a Soul has asked for a Guide not to intervene in a particular event, but still needs assistance then an Angel can come and assist. As Guides and the Higher Self communicate and work together, there are times when the Soul is blocked and the connection between Guides and the Higher Self is either weak or disconnected. When the Soul is angry, scared, confused or any combination of negativity, the link is broken or communication is blurry. During these periods Angels can take on the role of a temporary Guide until the link is reconnected. In both cases it is like the Principal standing in for the regular teacher when needed. Angels can always be called upon for assistance, but primarily the Guides assigned will assume the role; Angels will work with the Guides and not instead of the Guides.

If a Guide has problems with their charge they may ask other Guides or Angels to assist them. Often this will occur when a Soul goes through a repetition of events and the Soul has stopped listening to the Guide. Step In Guides and Angels can bridge that gap allowing the Soul to complete the planned challenges in the incarnation and can happen with all Soul Ages, but more often the younger ones.

One shouldn’t rely on Guides or Angels and ask them for assistance only when they truly need it. The Soul needs to learn self-reliance, so asking Angels to find your keys because you are in a hurry is not the best use of Angel energy or messages. Remember the frequencies used to send messages are limited, whereas the link with the Higher Self (the part of the Soul in the Spiritual Realm) is constant and helps you to develop your own intuition.

Don’t worry if you don’t get a response from your Guides as they are always there, but maybe there are things you can work out yourself, or the answer is there and you can’t see it. Maybe it’s not the answer or outcome you desire, but is what you had planned and had forgotten. Many Guides help teach the Soul this, like a parent letting a baby walk by themselves, nearby to help, but wishing them to be independent and to stand on their own feet.

Guides are like teachers and what they know is confidential, so they will not give information out unless you have given permission. This is why Sensitives ask permission before a reading. Those that don’t could still read the Soul, but a Guide would not allow someone unauthorized to access any information. It would be like allowing a stranger into your home and letting them to look through your things. Giving permission for a Sensitive to channel your Guides or Higher Self is like inviting a guest in temporarily to visit, so choose wisely.

In the Spirit Realm, the Guides and the Higher Self of others all communicate together, so it is possible for the Higher Self of Souls to communicate, but again with permission or to pass on a message. I have had the Guides of others that have asked me to intervene and assist, so sometimes if you are a Lightworker you may get a message from the Guide of the charge you are helping with. This would be temporary and it is to help you help them in the best possible way. You could compare it to an unresolved police case where the original police officer involved explains the case, and gives the new team guidance on what they have done and what they could try next.

The important thing to remember is Guides will not make decisions for you; they can guide but not tell you what to do. They may know the best path for you and encourage you in that direction, but each Soul must find their own path. Angels and Guides assist only when they are needed, and are always there even if you can’t feel or hear them. Everyone has different ways of communicating; praying, writing, singing, or talking to them. They in turn have different ways of replying, often when the Soul is resting in dreams, or signs and symbols. Look out for answers, as they may appear when you least expect it.

© 2015. S.T. Alvyn. All Rights Reserved.

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